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HEXBUG’S make a HOT toy this Christmas

Being the only male in my house, there are not a lot of boy toys around, however when there is an opportunity to play with anything that is related to bugs, I AM IN. Hexbugs are the new cool toy for this year.  These micro “bugs” are little vibrating pieces of bug shaped plastic and rubber with 12 rubber legs.

Hexbugs : Mommy MomentWhat is cool about these mini bugs is they have a powerful vibrating motor that causes them to travel over any smooth surface.  They bounce all over themselves and appear to travel where they please and bounce of walls and themselves.  Even when the fall over, just leave them be and they flip back over themselves.

Hex Bug Nano : Mommy Moment
The other cool thing that came with these bugs is a track system that has different layers, fighting platform, and even glow in the dark components with matching bugs.   These tracks reminded my of the old Hot Wheels tracks that could be formed and manipulated to all sorts of cool shapes and configurations.  The octagon platforms with 6 gates that open and close provide avenues for the bugs to battle it out or vibrate themselves in the maze that you create.

These are cool toys, and to my surprise my girls love them too.  Just seeing these bugs flip out and travel in random directions seems simple, but sharing a cool moment with my daughters as they laugh and giggle at the bugs, makes these toys even cooler!

~Written by the dad of the household!

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