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Have Filtered Water On-The-Go with Brita® Water Bottles

I like to drink bottled or filtered water.  Not sure why – maybe it is how I was brought up.  Anyway, when we are out and about I will most likely spend the money on a bottle of water than just take a swig out of any old drinking fountain.

With the Brita® Bottle Water Filtration System you can stay hydrated with great tasting water on-the-go.

These reusable bottles have a built-in filter so that you can get great tasting water on-the-go without having to pay for a bottle of water – and then also having the dispose of a plastic bottle.

1 Brita® Bottle filter can replace 300 standard 500 mL plastic water bottles.   Brita® filters also reduce chlorine taste and odour and only need to be replaced approximately every 2 months.  These bottles are BPA free, recyclable and dishwasher safe!

These bottles are perfect for heading to the gym, to the office or even bringing along to school.

My daughter has taken after me in “only drinking filtered/bottled water”.  Brita® now has a kids bottle line that allows kids to have great tasting drinking water on-the-go.  They are available in three bright, fun colours and kid-friendly styles: Pink Butterflies, Navy Blue Sports and Green Squares.

Like the adult bottles, the kids line also reduce chlorine taste and odour and are BPA free and dishwasher safe!

Now my girl can enjoy filtered water anywhere we go!


Wednesday 16th of March 2016

I got one of these as a gift (yes someone gave me a water bottle for a gift...) and I was honestly amazed at how well it works! I figured surely the filter wouldn't be able to actually filter out anything, because normally the filtering process is so slow (in a Brita filter pitcher). I used it for a long time thinking it wasn't really doing anything, but then one day I had to take the filter out for some reason and I drank from it without the filter and... yuck! The water tasted awful, haha. I got used to it after a while but at first the difference was definitely noticeable.