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The Gro Clock helps kids stay in bed till the sun is up!

As a parent, sleep is a valuable commodity that is often interrupted by our little ones.  Maybe you were like me and on that VERY RARE occasion could sleep in till the sun was up. Oh that blissful day, how I dreamed that it could become less of a dream and more of a reality.

The problem is often that children don’t know how to tell time and as a result will get up when then feel its the right time for them.  Sometime their internal clocks get mixed up and they do not seem to know the difference between 5am and 8am.

I was recently introduced to The Gro Clock (Insert a chorus of angels singing). This product is one that I will be telling everyone about. It’s simply GENIUS!

The Gro Clock really is a clock like no other. It’s a clock that your child can understand.  With two faces, your child will learn that they can only get out of bed when the face of the clock shows a sun.  (What they don’t know is that mommy or daddy can set the clock and the time when the sun will appear).  It is that simple.

This also works for bedtime. We have our Gro Clock set to show the star at 7:30pm.  This helps our girls know that it is time to stay in bed and sleep. The star stays in place till 7:00am when it turns back to a sun.  We educate our children to stay in bed till the sun comes on the clock.  Since I appreciate visuals, I love that the sun and star are color coded (blue for the stars and yellow for the sun).

It sure is nice to not have to be up at 6am.

Another feature that I appreciate is that the Gro Clock can grow with our children. I love that you are able to set the Gro Clock to also show the digital time, so your child can know what time it is, or begin to understand how the time and the stars/sun co-ordinate.

Be prepared to tell to your friends that you have a child that can stay in bed till 7am.  Not every parent can say that.  This is a great product that you will not be sorry you have.  If you are like me, you will be telling everyone you know about this amazing product! (I think it would make a wonderful gift).

Training your children at a early age this way will help them to be able to sleep properly.  And remember, if YOU are well rested, YOU are a better all around parent.

You can purchase the Gro Clock from for $50.00 CAN

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Jeanne M

Wednesday 12th of September 2012

This looks fabulous! I'd give anything to have my son sleep until 7 a.m. He can wake up at 5:30 some mornings!

Multi-Testing Mommy

Tuesday 11th of September 2012

We could really use one of these in our house! Such a cool clock!!!


Tuesday 11th of September 2012

Love this idea. Will be adding it to the Christmas list.


Tuesday 11th of September 2012

Ohhhh my gosh! I can't believe the timing of this post. I was just struggling with my son this morning because he kept trying to get up early and I kept saying "When the clock says 7am..." but this would work SO much better! Genius!


Tuesday 11th of September 2012

THANK YOU for posting this! I need to get one asap! :-)