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Google Nexus 7 Tablet has Features for Everyone!

Tablets are the “in” thing right now.  In fact, if you would ask someone what they would prefer — a tablet or a laptop –many people would say a tablet.  (Of course, it all depends on who you ask and what they need their device for)

Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 Tablet has everything you need for your everyday activities!

My husband Craig (a self-proclaimed computer geek) reviewed the Google Nexus 7 Tablet and the following 4 points were things he had to say about it:

#1)  This tablet is fast and responsive!  No waiting for pages to load or games to refresh.  As I was watching him play one of his favorite games on this tablet, he commented several times that he was having no problem finishing a level — AND with 3 stars!!  “This tablet is so fast it’s easy to get through a level.”  The Nexus 7 Tablet has a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor in it which is why it is so fast.

Fast & Responsive

#2)  No unnecessary bells and whistles.  The Google Nexus 7 Tablet has a spot to plug in and charge your tablet and a spot to plug in your earphones.  Because the Nexus 7 has no extra ports and bulk, it is slim, light and fits nicely in your hand.  The Nexus 7 is only 340g and is small enough to carry along and not have any added bulk.

#3)  Built in e-reader.  With great classics like Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland and The 3 Muskateers you are off to a great start with your reading collection.  The battery life on the tablet allows you 10 hours of e-reading time!  The battery life also allows you 9 hours of HD video, 10 hours of web browsing and up to 300 hours of stand-by time.

ereader and library

#4)  Apps, apps & more apps!  With over 600,000 apps there is something for everyone!  You can get your favorite game, movie watching site, or any social media app to fit your needs.  I even found apps that stalled or didn’t work properly on other tablets, worked smoothly on the Nexus 7.


Some other GREAT features of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet are:

  • 7″ Multi-touch capacitive back-lit IPS display

  • Bring your entertainment to life in stunning clarity on a vibrant 1280-by-800 high-resolution display protected by scratch resistant Corning glass

  • With over one million pixels in your hand, text is sharper, HD movies are more vivid and gameplay is smooth and dynamic

  • 12-core GPU delivers rich and immersive graphics while patented 4-PLUS-1 CPU design gives you processing power when you need it, and battery saving efficiency when you don’t

  • Over 9 hours of HD video playback, 10 hours of web browsing or and up to 300 hours of stand-by time

  • Built-in speaker

  • 1.2M Pixel Front Facing


You can buy the Google Nexus 7 Tablet from Staples for $269.00.


Tara Knott

Sunday 18th of August 2013

The first book I think I would get would be The Butler


Thursday 16th of May 2013

I love how big the screen is, hubs and I haven't quite run out of our phone contracts yet, but once we do we will be looking for something new and fun.