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Glerups 100% Pure Wool Slippers (Giveaway)

I live in my 100% pure wool slippers, live in them. Just ask anyone who knows me, my glerups slippers are always on my feet at home, but that’s not all, I take them with me wherever I go.

I find these slippers great for every season. We have hardwood floors in our house, so even in summer I love having something on my feet – these glerups are so cozy and comfortable, they have become an extension of me.

I’m not the only with a new pair, my oldest daughter now has a pair too, and just like me, she’s hooked on them.


Glerups, better than barefoot. Felt Shoes, Slippers & Boots are made with nature’s wonder fibre, 100% pure wool. Beautiful. Natural. Warm.

It’s a bit funny, because thinking back I never really liked to have something on my feet – and when I got my first pair of Glerups I liked them, but I had no idea how much they would grow on me…they truly are one of my very favorite products.


I am excited that one of you are going to have a chance to win a pair of Glerups slippers . I can not wait for you to experience the comfort – give them a few days to adjust to your foot and I’m sure you will be hooked.


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Erika Letson

Sunday 28th of June 2015

I would choose the purple ones.


Saturday 27th of June 2015

love the blue


Saturday 27th of June 2015

I love the pink!


Saturday 27th of June 2015

I like the pink glerups.

Jodi Mitrovic

Thursday 25th of June 2015

I love the Glerups Woman's in red :) Thank you!