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Girls Flip for Triple Flip

Triple Flip has opened it’s doors to it’s first store in Manitoba! St. Vital Centre just became a much “cooler” place to be according to some pretty excited preteen girls.

My daughter Kate and I were invited to the VIP “Flip Out” party on Wednesday night and we had a blast!

If you are not familiar with Triple Flip, it’s dubbed the “coolest preteen clothing store in Canada” and it just opened up it’s very first store in Winnipeg at St. Vital Centre.

Kate was welcomed with a sweet mini pink cupcake and ticket for a free pair of any capris in the store. She was super excited and beyond giddy! Her eyes were sparkling with all the excitement. Bright, fun clothing, live mannequins, cupcakes, and a room full of bouncing, cheery girls – what could be better than that?!?

Kate was so in love with all the clothes, this mama’s hands could barely hold all the clothing that we piled into the beautiful change rooms… One by one Kate tried on each piece of clothing, one by one, falling more in love with each one!

Her absolute favorite was the Minky Luxe sweatshirt (in Crush color)…it was above 30 and she would not take it off, I’ve never seen her fall in love with an article of clothing like she did with the minky luxe, and from the looks of the girls in the long line, she was not the only one.

Watch out Winnipeg, preteen girls and Minky Luxe are sure to be the top trend this season!

When you pop by the store be sure to check out the photos on the walls of all the gorgeous flip girls…you may just know some of them!

So tell me, have you been to a Triple Flip store?

Thanks to Triple Flip for inviting my daughter and I to this fabulous VIP party. It was wonderful to meet the President of the company, the store manager and all the friendly, smiling staff. We had a great time and we will be back shopping soon!

Multi-Testing Mommy

Friday 29th of June 2012

It is a super fun and colourful store!