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Girlfriends, how many circles are you in?

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs, yet it can be also a stressful and lonely one at times too.

As we enter the stage of motherhood, our trusted circles of friends sometimes change. Our girlfriends who we have always talked to about everything, may not be in the same stage of life. For the longest time I battled with feeling like I was “cheating” on old friends when I started making new ones that were in the same stage of life as I was. While I really do look forward to a monthly night out with the girls to remember that there is still a woman inside the mom, I’ve learned that is also ok (and healthy) to have more than one circle of friends.

As my children are growing up I’m finding that I like to meet moms who are in similar stages with their children as I am. It’s nice to hear from this circle of friends that I’m not the only mom of a little 3 year old miss bossy boots or sensitive first grader. It’s great to be able to talk about my toddlers first poop on the potty with someone who can celebrate that occasion and not think that my mind has be flushed down the toilet too.

Just look at our children, they have neighborhood friends, school friends, family friends, friends from music lessons or play groups. We expect our children to be a part of many circles of friends, we should allow ourselves the same.

Connecting with a variety of women and having more than one circle of friends has contributed to me being a happier mom.

Do you have more than one circle of friends?

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Practical Parenting

Wednesday 31st of August 2011

I agree, variety teaches our kids that they can reach out to others. I was always a floater as a kid. It's great to have a best friend, but it's also nice to have others in your corner.


Monday 29th of August 2011

This is SO true! I want my kids to have a variety of friends from different areas of their lives and I should want that for myself too! Thanks for the reminder :)

Mommy Moment

Monday 29th of August 2011

Angela, I think it is something that moms often forget. Have a great day & thanks for the comment! Smiles, Jody