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If there is a home cook on your gift list this holiday season, we’ve got some awesome suggestions to get you started.


Is there a particular countertop appliance that might be the perfect gift? How about the cook that loves experimenting with herbs and spices?

Does the cook on your list enjoy using their electronic device in the kitchen to refer to recipes?

We’ve got you covered with this gift guide for the cook.

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Any cook would love to receive this handy kitchen gadget that’s a 7-in-1 appliance. Not only does it save room in the kitchen, but it’s also a time saver.

It can take the place of your slow cooker, your pressure cooker, and more!

Because it’s compact, it doesn’t take up much counter space, but it still delivers big results. It can be used for a variety of functions such as making full meals to desserts to side dishes and more.

You can even set this appliance to have dinner ready in a flash when you get home after a long day or it can be used to reheat leftovers.


This collection of 6 tins contains gourmet seasonings that are free from artificial colors, flavors and contain no MSG.

These seasonings bring together flavors from around the world. From warm and refined and from nutty to herbaceous any cook will be able to find a range of ways to use these delightful seasonings and salts to transform their dishes into gourmet cuisine.

The seasonings included are Italian Black Winter Truffle Sea Salt, Taste of Bordeaux, Taste of Provence, Taste of Tuscany, Taste of Greece, and Taste of Egypt.


This countertop blender is a workhorse in the kitchen. It’s a multi-use appliance that does more than meets the eye.

The blender can be used to make your favorite creamy smoothies with or without multiple ingredients. It’s wonderful for creating recipes such as puddings or frozen desserts. It’s perfect for making dips and dressings.

It also chops and purees food. It can grind nuts and can even handle crushing solid ice in order to make frozen drinks.

This would make an awesome gift for the cook!


Follow along with a recipe on a tablet or phone by using this adjustable stand for ease of viewing.

This stable stand securely holds the device thanks to non-slip rubber grips. The stand is adjustable for landscape or portrait mode. It easily folds and stores away when not in use. It’s a thoughtful gift for the cook on your list!


This amazing appliance takes the hassle out of cooking. It even shortens the amount of time spent making food as well as the cleanup afterward.

Air fryers are considered a healthy alternative to making fried foods. You will still get that same crunch and flavor found with oil frying but without all the fats and oil.

In fact, this fryer uses just 15% of the amount of oil that traditional fryers use.

It’s fast, too, so you can have meals ready in a lot less time than cooking it in a traditional oven. Preset options take the guesswork out of cooking. It even comes with a recipe book. Win-win!

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Dale Steele Nicolov

Sunday 6th of December 2020

I think that the luxury gourmet seasoning sounds like a great gift.


Sunday 29th of November 2020

Oh, that Ninja. How happy I would be to have that grace my counter.