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GIFT ALERT for FATHER’S DAY from Bread And Butter Skin Care


Winter Shaving Kit

Ladies, I don’t know about your husband’s but let’s be honest, for the majority of guys skincare isn’t on the top of their priority list. A guy never thinks to himself “I think I will neglect my skin today” however, you don’t generally see guys in the department store in the skin care aisle researching products and deciding what is best for their skin.

Bread And Butter Skincare is a worry-free skincare kit designed with men in mind.At Bread & Butter, guys get simple products that are effective. By using The Kit, guys can rest assured their skin is taken care of, then focus on something more important like that business they want to start, that mountain he wants to climb, or that next golf game, you get the drift.

Men’s skin is different from women’s mostly because men shave. Men generally have less layers of skin and small cuts from shaving that open the door to irritation.That’s why all of Bread And Butter’s face products take out irritating ingredients such as perfumes, grain alcohols and parabens which are found in common brands. The result is products that keep your skin healthy!

All the packaging meets the 100ml airline regulations for carry-on luggage. Perfect for the business man in your life who travels.

All of Bread And Butter’s packaging is made in Canada and all their formulas are mixed and filled in Canada too!

When you order a Bread And Butter Skincare kit, you can customize which products go into that kit. Whether you choose the $49 kit (includes 5 products of your choice) or the $35 kit (includes 3 products of your choice), they’ll pack it and mail it directly to you.


My husband tried out the Face Cleanser, Face Moisturizer, shave gel and the lip balm. He was very impressed with all 4 products!

Shave Gel, Face Cleanser & Face Moisturizer

Hubby said that since most guys don’t like to put on lip balm (because it seems so girly) that the Bread And Butter lip balm is perfect! He put it on one day and 4 days later his lips still felt smooth.

Hubby used the face cleanser before a shave like the directions suggest. The bottle claims that it will prep your facial hair for a closer shave. He has never really used a product like this and definitely thought he got a closer shave after using the cleanser!

Applying Facial Cleanser

Getting that closer shave

He also thought that the face moisturizer was great. I found that it left his face feeling smoother than before.

The thing I really love about Bread And Butter’s products, and I know hubby did too, was the smell – or lack there of. A lot of cleansers and moisturizers have a strong flowery or perfumy smell. I really liked how there was a hint of a scent but it wasn’t strong, definitely NOT perfumy and wasn’t noticeable unless you were up close 😉


After years spent building beauty brands in the oft-dysfunctional world of consumer packaged goods, Brian Lau left to build his own. His big idea: To create products where nothing is put in, said or done that is without purpose and to take a stand against an industry with a wayward moral code.

So he created a worry-free skincare kit designed with men in mind. It’s Everything a Man Needs and Nothing He Doesn’t.


*Good Gift Alert: this is your chance to get a little something special

for the man in your life just in time for Father’s Day!*

Bread And Butter Skincare has graciously offered 500 of our Canadian readers a free kit for the man in their lives! All you need to do is pay the shipping ($9.99) for this kit valued at $35.

Click HERE to get your gift!

This offer is only valid until June 9, 2011 so head on over and customize a kit for the man in your life!

Also, don’t forget to visit Bread And Butter Skincare on FACEBOOK.

Gift Alert For Father’s Day From Bread And Butter Skin Care

Monday 11th of July 2011

[...] GIFT ALERT for FATHER’S DAY from Bread And Butter Skin Care [...]


Thursday 26th of May 2011

Interesting Philosophy:D I like it.


Thursday 26th of May 2011

great father's day gift! just bought one:)