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Gardening is a great activity for those who love being outdoors.  Whether you have always had a green thumb or are a new gardening enthusiast, this time of year is when you are itching to get outside and start digging in the dirt!

gardening must-haves you can buy

We’ve gathered 13 of the best gardening must-haves for seasoned gardeners and new ones alike. We asked gardeners what their must-haves were and products like wheelbarrows, watering cans, ergonomic tools, and compost bins were just some of the items on this list.  Make gardening season great with these 13 Gardening Must Haves!


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1.  SEEDSHEET – Have you seen this great product?  The first time I heard about it, was on Shark Tank.  SeedSheet allows you to grow your own herb and veggies in a pot or container of your choice.  Perfect for small spaces you can grow tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and more.  Simply place the SeedSheet seed side down in a pot or container filled with potting soil.  Then gently water the SeedSheet and watch your windowsill or countertop transform into your own farmer’s market!  >> See it here.

2.  GALVANIZED STEEL WATERING CAN – Every gardener needs a sturdy watering can to help “spot” water their garden, pots, and window boxes.  This galvanized steel watering can is a beautiful combination of steel and copper accents.  Because of the heavy duty galvanized steel construction, with this watering can you will be able to keep it for a long time without worrying about the can rusting.  >>  See it here.

3.  WHEELBARROW – Seasoned gardeners know that gardening can be a back-breaking activity.  So the best gardeners make sure they have a wheelbarrow at their disposal.  Wheelbarrows are perfect for carting extra soil, heavy plants and even tools around their yard.  This Yard Rover Wheelbarrow has 2 air-filled wheels which make it so much easier to maneuver around your yard and over different terrain.  >>  See it here.

4.  GARDEN HOE – While we would love our gardens to be weed free, that is rarely the case!  This welded garden hoe is perfect for chopping up and weeding through all the unwanted growth in your garden.  This garden hoe boasts a serrated edge, allowing you to make clean edges.  >>  See it here.

5.  ERGONOMIC STAINLESS STEEL SHOVEL – Digging out soil to make room for plants or trees can be tricky and back breaking without the right tool.  This ergonomic stainless steel shovel gives you all the support you need to protect you back.  It also has extra hand gripping room when 2 hands are needed for a tougher job.  It’s unique stainless steel blade and shaft design makes this shovel unbreakable and resistant to weather.  >>  See it here.

6.  GARDENING TOOL SET – When you are gardening multiple size spaces, like full-sized garden, pots and window boxes or raised garden beds, you will need multiple different tools.  This 7 piece gardening tool set will provide you with tools to fulfill all kinds of gardening tasks.  This set includes 1 Pruner, 1 Weeder, 1 trowel, 1 Cultivator, 1 Weeding fork, 1 Transplanter, and a tote to store it all in.  >>  See it here.

7.  GARDENING GLOVES – Even if you love to feel the dirt run through your fingers, there are times when you are going to want to protect your hands from the thorns and dirt that accompanies gardening.  These nitrile coated work gloves come in bold and beautiful colors all while protecting your hands.  These gloves are cold water machine washable and come in a package of 6.  Keep them all for yourself or gift them to friends!  >>  See it here.

8.  GARDEN BOOTS OR SHOES – Since you will potentially be getting your feet a little wet here and there, you will want to make sure you have a pair of waterproof garden boots or shoes that you can easily slip on for those times.  Make sure that the footwear you get is comfortable.  You want to enjoy your gardening time as much as possible without sore feet!  While you’re at it, get a bright colorful pair.  >>  See it here.

9.  GARDEN HOSE – If you have a large yard or a larger garden area, you may not want to water everything with a watering can.  This Never Kink Garden Hose is perfect for those situations.  If you get a never kink garden hose, you don’t need to worry about your water pressure or trying to figure out where the kink in the hose is.  >>  See it here.

10.  GARDEN TOOL BELT / APRON – If you are a busy gardener, you will love having a place on your body to store often needed tools and supplies.  This adjustable tool apron has wide pockets and compartments to make sure that you have often used items always at arms reach.  >>  See it here.

11.  POTS AND PLANTERS – Whether you are a gardening in a small space or you have acres of garden space available to you, pots and planters will be your friend.  For those gardening in small spaces, pots and planters are a great place to grow your favorite vegetables and herbs.  For those who have more than enough garden space, pots and planters are a great place to showcase flowers.  >>  See it here.

12.  EDGER / WEED TRIMER – To keep your flower beds, garden, driveway, and sidewalk edge clean and free of long grass and weeds, you will want an edger and weed trimmer.  This one from Black+Decker is both machines in one!  Trim tough weeds, grass, and overgrowth and then flip the machine to the side to provide nice edging wherever you need it.  >>  See it here.

13.  OUTDOOR COMPOST BIN – For the beginner composter, or even one who has been doing it a while, having a designated composting space outdoors is important.  Avoid having to turn and mix your compost pile by hand with this tumbling designed outdoor compost bin.  Just close the door and turn the barrel.  Remember to also have an indoor compost bin handy so that you don’t need to run outside multiple times a day.  >>  See it here.

These gardening must-haves are great for all levels of gardeners and would make great gift ideas.  Gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even “just because” to celebrate your favorite gardener.

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This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

Chandra O’Connor

Tuesday 26th of December 2017

I did get my hose. I rent so I have a raised garden bed my brother made me this year. I over planted so this year I know how to space and how much to put in.

Calvin F.

Tuesday 6th of June 2017

Some items on my want list definitely gets me going for gardening.