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We’ve all seen those amazing DIY LEGO cakes on Pinterest and wish we could pull them off.  But the truth is, you don’t need to be a professional cake decorator to make your child an incredibly cool DIY LEGO cake for their next birthday!

DIY LEGO cakes


EASY LEGO CAKE IDEA – you can make a simple LEGO brick cake by baking your favorite cake and using marshmallows for the brick top!

LEGO CAKE – this colorful LEGO cake is great for kids of all ages!  Covered in fondant you can make your LEGO bricks any color.

LEGO MOVIE CAKE TUTORIAL – everything is awesome with this cake tutorial.  Place it on top of a LEGO board finishing off the whole look.

DIY LEGO CAKE – taking bits and pieces of all the best LEGO cakes on Pinterest, this is a fabulous DIY LEGO cake.

HOW TO MAKE A LEGO CAKE – here’s a great how-to tutorial, step-by-step, to help you make your own LEGO cake.

EMMET LEGO MOVIE CAKE – the LEGO movie is a HUGE hit with kids!  This 4-layer Emmet head LEGO cake is going to be the hit of any party!

LEGO CAKE – surround your cake with edible LEGO bricks to make a colorful cake using these LEGO brick molds.

LEGO BRICK BIRTHDAY CAKE – a simple DIY LEGO cake idea that will give your kids lots of candles to blow out!

LEGO BIRTHDAY CAKE – this LEGO birthday construction cake will be the envy of every little boy.

LEGO CAKE – this DIY LEGO cake design is very simple and requires no special tools or cake decorating skills.

LARGE BRICK LEGO CAKE TUTORIAL – LEGO cake tutorials are great for those who need step-by-step instructions.  This one is great for those looking for a simple cake to make.

LEGO SUPERHEROES LEGO CAKE – add your child’s favorite superheroes to this LEGO cake.

LEGO RAINBOW CAKE – your child and guests will be surprised when you cut into this DIY LEGO cake and they see the beautiful rainbow colors on the inside.

LEGO NINJAGO CAKE – edible LEGOS and edible ninjas decorate this fun LEGO Ninjago cake.

RIDICULOUSLY EASY LEGO CAKE – make a LEGO brick cake in the color of your child’s favorite color.

THE MAKING OF A LEGO CAKE – this cake might look complicated to make (and SO amazing!) however, it is relatively easy – even you can make it!

MAKE A LEGO CAKE TUTORIAL – using this LEGO brick mold, you can easily surround your cake with colorful LEGO bricks to make a fun LEGO cake.

LEGO HEAD CAKE TUTORIAL – this LEGO head cake is fun and you can customize it with any facial expression you like.

LEGO BATMAN CAKE TUTORIAL – your superhero will LOVE this standing LEGO Batman cake!

LEGO CAKE TUTORIAL – make your LEGO bricks and LEGO man from these molds to create your cake.

Have you made a LEGO cake for your child’s birthday?  If you’ve always wanted to try, these 20 incredibly cool DIY LEGO Cakes are a great place to start!

Check out this LEGO CAKE:

DIY LEGO brick cake

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