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The NEW Gallery Box from

Earlier this fall, we had my husband’s cousin take some family pictures of us, and they turn out fantastic!  My plan is to take the bare walls of my living room and add some personality with pictures of my family.  But I didn’t even know where to start. has many different — and great! — options to help you display your pictures and art.

Posterjack options

The Gallery Box from


When we set about creating the Gallery Box, we wanted a piece of art that every designer would choose to complete their perfect room. Something fresh, inspirational, and adaptable. We also knew that any designer worth their salt thrives on value and quality. With all this in mind, we went all out to set the bar for the best photo art value in Canada. Mission accomplished!


With a 12″ x 12″ custom Gallery Box just $49.99, this is a great way to showcase your photos while not breaking the bank!  With its ultra sharp definition, vivid colours, matte finish and modern frame (available in black, white and brown), the Gallery Box adds a unique point of interest to any room.

I was given the opportunity to turn any photo of mine into a display of art by trying out a 16″ x 16″ Gallery Box.  I was looking forward to  turning one of our new family pictures into a display and was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was and how many different options I had for customizing.

Step #1 was choosing a photo.  It was pretty easy for me, since there was really only 1 picture that turned out for us that could be used in a square format.

Cropping Step #1

Step #2 — Cropping your photo.  This was easy.  Simply drag the box to select which part of the photo you want displayed.  You will only be able to modify your image so that it maintains a Quality rating of good or better.   Posterjack does this to ensure you receive a high quality print.

Framing and Hanging Step #2

Step #3 — Framing & Hanging Options.  Here you can select your frame and frame color.  If you choose a frame, Posterjack will expertly frame your artwork so it is ready-to-hang and admire!

Gallery Box frame colors


Step #4 — Next you can decide if you want to have your picture surrounded by a border or not.

border Step #3

Step #5 — Visual Effects.  Here you can decide if you want the original colors of your photo, black & white or some other special effect.

Customize Step #5

After everything is said and done, you will receive a beautiful customizable print that will be the focal point of any room!

Finished Product

I have 3 places in my living room that I can hang our beautiful family picture showcased in a Gallery Box.  The problem is, is that I haven’t decided yet, where I will place it.  Once it is up on the wall, I cannot wait to show it off to my friends and family.

Where do YOU display your family pictures?



Monday 30th of December 2013

gallery style framed phone is what I like

Diane Mania

Sunday 10th of November 2013

This is a great new idea

Treen Goodwin

Saturday 9th of November 2013

This is so neat love this , thanks for sharing !

caryn s

Friday 8th of November 2013

Love posterjack its one of my favourite sites for making custom photo gifts! Love your print too!


Friday 8th of November 2013

there's alot of great artwork on posterjack and the best part it's using your own photos!