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Let the Fun Unfold at Lunch with Funkins

With thoughts turning to daily lunch-making as the kids go back to school, one thought on my mind, is when Trashless Tuesday is going to start.  In my children’s school, they have 1 day a week (Tuesdays) where children are not allowed to throw away any trash.  They are trying to have families be more conscious of the amount of trash they are packing in their children’s lunch boxes.

Did you know?

The average child throws away 67 lbs of lunch waste each school year?

Lunchtime trash is 2nd only to office paper as the leading source of school waste?

One way, that we participate in Trashless Tuesdays, is to use cloth napkins like Funkins.


Funkins are bright, reusable cloth napkins made especially for kids and are perfect for lunch boxes.  Funkins are 13”x15”, double-sided patterns made from 100% cotton fabric using low impact dyes. With designs for boys, girls and every holiday, you can add a punch of color and fun to any lunch box.

We not only use Funkins as cloth napkins for school lunches, we also use Funkins to cover cold ice packs when they need to be placed on a boo-boo and in the center of the kids table to create fun centerpieces when we have friends over.

Holiday Funkins

Need more ideas on where/how to use Funkins?  Try these fun ideas:

  • Cupcake or cookie decorating stations for school parties – replace those throwaway table cloths
  • At restaurants or on airplanes
  • To wrap around freezies, popsicles and ice cream cones
  • At the office
  • As a party favor
  • As a burp cloth
  • As a hostess gift
  • As a Teacher’s gift
  • Baby blankets for dollies
  • To brighten your festive holiday table
  • At theme parks
  • Tie one to your purse, diaper bag or backpack – looks fun and great for easy use



Two (2) Mommy Moment readers will WIN a set of 5 Funkins cloth napkins!

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling us how you would participate if your child’s school had a Trashless day.


Angela Signature


Thursday 11th of September 2014

use all reusable containers!

Kim G.

Thursday 11th of September 2014

I already send their sandwiches in containers. I'd just be sure to send their snacks in re-usable containers too.

tina reynolds

Thursday 11th of September 2014

I would make sure only reusable containers sent

Saver Sara

Thursday 11th of September 2014

We'd sent everything in his breakfast and lunch in reusable containers.

Robyn Bellefleur

Thursday 11th of September 2014

I use reusable containers all the time.