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The Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear is a Top-Ten Toy!

My kids love their stuffed teddy bears that they received when they were only a few hours old.  While these bears are a little tattered and worn, they are important to my kids and they still love to cuddle up with them.

Fisher Price Smart Toy Bear

But the Smart Toy Bear is a great new toy from Fisher Price that is a great Top 10 Toy that is fun to play with AND educational!  This bear is an interactive learning friend that talks, listens, and “remembers” what your child says and even responds when spoken to.

My kids love this toy (and my husband and I even had a great time playing with it).  There are many different things you can do with the Smart Toy Bear.

FP Smart Toy Bear

Immediately after opening the box, your Smart Toy Bear is ready to go!  It wakes up and introduces itself and is anxious to know your name and what you like to do.

Your child can let the Smart Toy Bear choose the activity for them to do, or choose one of the 9 smart card activities that Smart Toy Bear visually recognizes:

Smart Toy Bear cards

Hear from Smart Toy Bear itself:

The Smart Toy Bear loves to learn about peoples’ names, their favourite things and then chat about them.  He even talks about current events like the weather, the date, holidays and world events!  Your children will love playing make believe with their new friend.  Parents will love Smart Toy Bear too because he doesn’t transmit any personally identifable data!



Other great features of the Smart Toy Bear include:

  • Learns your child’s favorite things and activities!
  • Knows when you toss him in the air (with a little help from his accelerometer)
  • Knows the time of day, weather and world events
  • Plays games with the whole family
  • Makes up stories where your child can choose what happens next!
  • Takes your child on imaginative adventures
  • Tells jokes
  • Parents can unlock bonus activities with the app such as bedtime, clean-up, break time and party time!
  • NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE DATA is transmitted by Smart Toy

Would your child love this toy this Christmas?

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Chandra O'Connor

Tuesday 22nd of December 2015

I seriously want to play with that bear!

Lynda Cook

Monday 21st of December 2015

I would love to have this bear, and you know it's going to last a long time being a Fisher -Price toy, I'm going to have save my nickels and buy this guy for my granddaughter!!


Sunday 20th of December 2015

This looks like a super cute teddy that our little guy would love :)


Sunday 20th of December 2015

Cute little teddy!! I bet our little guy would love! :)

kathy downey

Saturday 19th of December 2015

This sure sounds like a fun toy that any child would enjoy