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FINISH® Revolution to the Rescue!

As a busy mom I have found that my biggest life saver in my day to day life has been the dishwasher.  With little kids in tow, the dishwasher has done everything from pots and pans to bottles and nipples.  And to make matters harder, I have a husband who loves to cook…and not clean up after himself.  To the rescue, the FINISH® Revolution.

I have been using Finish for several years and now have the opportunity to share with you about how wonderful this product has been helping our family.  The first product that I started using, basically since I acquired my first dishwasher was the dishwasher tabs.  Today I use the Finish Powerball.  This simple to use (drop and close) tab is a breeze and very effective.  With all the baking I do there is no challenge these tabs cannot defeat.  Even my husband’s cooking that has somehow managed to stick to the plates and bake wear like concrete.  These tabs are miracle workers.

The other product that I have started to use in the past couple years has been the Finish Jet Dry.  And recently I have started to use the Jet dry Turbo Dry.  Can I tell you how much of a pain it is to take your dishes out and have all my plastic containers still wet and getting all my plates and silverware wet as I am taking them out?  I hate it…Grrrr.   Since I have started to use the Jet Dry this problem has eliminated itself.  I can now simple put my dishes away and not have a tea towel over my shoulder drying dishes as I am putting them away.

These are just two of the wonderful products that I have used in the past and will continue to use.  They are great products and if they can help my crazy household, then they can help yours.

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Disclosure: I am part of the Finish Blogger Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.


Sunday 18th of March 2012

We have the same rule Tammy does - means I'm mostly responsible for cleaning :) I'm okay with that ;)

Tammy B

Sunday 18th of March 2012

we have a rule at my house, who ever cooks, the other cleans... I do the cooking and hubby does the cleaning.


Sunday 18th of March 2012

I really question why men can't clean up after themselves when they cook! Looking forward to connecting with you during the tour.

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Sunday 18th of March 2012

I guess I shouldn't complain...the cooking is great ;)