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Find Your Dream Home By Securing an Affordable Mortgage

Is now the right time for you to look for a family home?  The market is still very expensive, and securing necessary financing to buy a dream house is more complicated and time consuming than you may expect.

Home prices in Canada are beginning to decline after years of rapid ascent, and if your family is ready for your first home, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the housing market.  Interest rates are also expected to remain near record lows for at least another year, which means you have an extended timeframe to compare mortgage rates from the country’s most reputable lenders.

In the past you would have had to spend lots of time pounding the pavement to collect each financial broker’s relevant information about mortgages.  However, technology and the internet have simplified the process.  Websites such as are designed as one-stop shops for your family to secure home financing, which saves you both time and money as you proceed through the mortgage acquisition process. compares mortgage rates from Canada’s most recognizable lenders all in one convenient location.  This handy service allows you and your family to find a mortgage plan that is affordable and complements your unique lifestyle. includes helpful personal financial tools such as a budget calculator, which helps you determine the monthly mortgage payment you can afford without taking money away from your other financial obligations.

The calculation provides you with a predetermined amount that you can afford to pay for a mortgage every month, and allows you to remain in control of your financial information.  This control is vitally important because it gives you leverage to negotiate with banks and creditors for the lowest possible mortgage rate.  If a lender is unwilling to meet you halfway, you can walk away secure with the knowledge that other options are available – knowledge is a powerful asset.

If you are planning homeownership in the short-term, you will appreciate the special ‘Month of Love’ promotion provided by  By submitting a mortgage application anytime during February, you will automatically be entered to win a special prize as a Happy Valentine’s Day from

A dream home is out there waiting, and you have the tools to be the dream weaver.



Jennifer Chidester

Sunday 3rd of February 2013

We've been looking for awhile & I LOVE calculators that "keep it real" for us ;)


Sunday 3rd of February 2013

They look like a great company to deal with this loans. THanks for the heads up!

Kathleen Kennedy-Leon

Saturday 2nd of February 2013

good info to know--not in the market right now for this type of loan but appreciate the review thanks for sharing