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Our Family Smiles! Philips Sonicare Update #SonicareSmile

A few weeks ago I shared a post about my daughter getting her first adult teeth and a new Philips Sonicare toothbrush. We have been testing out the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean and Philips Sonicare for Kids over the past few weeks and we are excited to share our smiling family photo and update with you all. 

Our Family Smiles Photograph!

philips sonicare

What is in a toothbrush?  What makes one better than any of the other million that are already on the shelves.  As you know, our family has had the privilege of testing out the Phillips Sonicare. Some of you might just be wonder what the difference is.  Well, lets start with the 4 C’s of Diamond Clean.

Comfort.  This is one comfortable bush.  My girls do not complain about holding this as its ergonomic grip works great for small hands and fingers.  And because this such a powerful brush (With an average equivalence of 31 000 strokes per min with 2 brushing modes) which, far surpasses manual brushing the ergonomic comfort grip is needed. I also really like the size of the toothbrush head – the part that attaches to the base is narrower than other kinds I have tried and I find it to be more comfortable.

Cut.  The design of the toothbrush head is such that it can get almost anywhere.  It makes the most out of cleaning various surface area’s (including braces) and make a difference in any smile within 1 week if used properly and the Sonicare helps ensure this happens.  Most of us know that dentists ask that when we brush we brush for 2 min.  That can be a problem for kids and adults alike.  The Phillips Sonicare has developed an ingenious idea to assist children with this issue.  They suggest you split your teeth into 4 quadrants (left and right on the top and left and right on the bottom).  Start at one quadrant and concentrate on that quadrant exclusively.  For the kids model they hear the toothbrush play a musical tone that lets them know to move onto the next quadrant.  They will progressively move over to complete all quadrants and when they are finished, the toothbrush will play a melody indicating they are finished.  For the adults, it makes a slight pause letting you know to switch.

Charge.  The cool thing about this toothbrush is that its battery lasts a long time….3 weeks long time.  I know that in the morning my girls will brush their teeth and will leave their toothbrushes where ever they last used it.  We have found them everywhere from the bathroom to their bedrooms to the living rooms, yes, they do walk around when they are brushing (this mama chooses her battles wisely). I love that the battery charge lasts a long time.

Convenience.  Sometimes when you leave on a vacation carrying a charger can be an inconvenience.  However the cool thing about the Sonicare is you can charge it anywhere and not necessarily bring the main charger. Now while the cool looking glass charger is AMAZING (so much more appealing to the eye),  the carrying case can be a charger that works with the wall charger or a usb connection.  So your laptop can charge your toothbrush.  How cool is that?! We have been traveling a fair bit over the past few weeks and I sure think it is ingenious to have this feature.


These are a couple of the many cool features this toothbrush has to offer and it has been a great fit for our family.  With busy schedules I know that oral hygiene will not be forgotten.  Thanks Phillips Sonicare!



Elaine Buonsante

Thursday 21st of August 2014

My husband uses the Phillips Sonicare toothbrush on the recommendation of his dentist to care for his fragile gums and it's really improving his gum health.