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Family, it’s worth investing in!

My daughters are 3 and 6, yet I am amazed at how quickly the time has flown by. Life is so busy and I’m not sure about you, but I know that I have to be intentional about setting aside time to just be with my kids. Every day I set aside some time to just be with the kids with no agenda…sometimes I lay on the floor and they play on or around me, other times we read books, do a craft or bake together.

Each week we also set aside one evening to make homemade pizza and have a family game night. This has really become something I look forward to with anticipation each week.

We also try to get away for a little family getaway twice a year. We do not usually go far, but it is a time where we go just to be together and not have an agenda. We recently got back from one of these little getaways. They had a 3 level play structure built for the WHOLE family, now that is my kind of fun! You can see my hubby way on the top level of this photo.

I made a little video of our family having fun together, I smile whenever I watch it because spending time with family is the best investment I know I will ever make! (It is only the second video I have ever made, but like I said, I love it).

What are some of your favorite family activities?

Shianne Dulo

Tuesday 13th of March 2012

Looks like a great vacation. Where is this playland? We also do family night with homemade pizza. Our special time however is at the lake where we are cut off from the world. Its so peaceful and its great teaching the children about nature and how to take care of our world. Cheers!