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Family Game Night on $100 Budget

Some of you may remember the Front Porch Makeover I did during the last #WalmartFrugalHeroes Challenge. It was so much fun the when I was asked to take part in a challenge for back-to-school, I was excited to get started.

#WalmartFrugalHeroesThere were many things I could have chosen to do with the $100 such as trying to buy my girls school clothes or school supplies, but I wanted to do something different.

I talked with my 5 and 7 year old about going back to school and what they thought would be a fun challenge. My 7 year old said

“When we go back to school, that means our weekly family game nights start again”.

She is right – once a week during the school year we have a family fun night where we play games or watch a movie and enjoy snacks together. I invited the girls to spend yesterday afternoon with me at Walmart. My 7 year old was in charge of keeping track of how much of our budget was gone while we shopped – I encouraged her to remember that we needed to get as much as we could for $100 without going over budget.

My 5 year came up with the idea to get games, movies and of course snacks!

family game night

Kate calculated very well, we ran back to get one more chocolate bar bringing our total after taxes to $99.36.

Here is what we got for our Family Game Night.

  • Blokus Game
  • Lalaloopsie Game
  • American Girl Movie
  • Barbie Movie
  • Popcorn
  • Big Yellow Bowl for Popcorn
  • 5 Chocolate Treats
  • Mabels Labels


kids movies

family game night snacks

Mabel's Labels

(Kate insisted on getting the labels to label the games and movies so that she could bring them along to school or friends houses – the frugal girl in her thought labeling them was a smart idea so if they got misplaced they would find their way back to our home…she must know how forgetful her mama is- LOL)

I was very proud of my girls for coming up with the idea for this post as well as their selections – not bad for 5 & 7 year old girls.

Thank-you @WalmartCanada for providing the $100 #WalmartFrugalHeroes Challenge gift card for our girls to pick out items for our Family Game Nights.


Tuesday 3rd of September 2013

This is a super idea. My husband and I love board and parlour games and are looking forward to playing them with our daughter when she's old enough. Thanks for a great post!

George M

Sunday 1st of September 2013

Great ideas. we soon need to prepare for the fall.

Enza Campanella

Friday 30th of August 2013

Family fun night was a tradition in my family when I was a little girl and now I find myself doing it with our girls but it can be expensive at times. I love what you were able to do with a set budget...looks like a fun time was had by your kids :)

Tara Gauthier

Sunday 25th of August 2013

We have family movie or game nights too and we love Blokus!


Sunday 25th of August 2013

WOW! You guys got a lot of great stuff for under $100!! My girl would LOVE to see the American Girl Saige movie :)

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Sunday 25th of August 2013

Our kids may have to watch the movie together!! It has become an absolute favorite in our house. All the other AG movies are already on their Christmas wish lists LOL.