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If you are a mom, it’s pretty safe to say that at some point you have been an exhausted mom. Kids are exhausting. Whether you have great kids, or high maintenance kids, kids are just by nature exhausting. Though it isn’t their fault, being physically, emotionally and financially exhausted puts a strain on you. We all need encouragement from time to time.

encouragement for the exhausted mom.

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YOU ARE A GOOD MOM : The fact that you are sitting here reading this, is proof enough that you ARE a good mom. You care that you are exhausted and you are seeking out help.

EVERY MOM FACES DIFFERENT CHALLENGES : I cannot stress this enough! You are not alone. Just because you see a mom who seems to have it all together, remember you don’t live her life. All moms have different challenges with their children.

YOUR KIDS WILL GROW OUT OF THIS STAGE : All kids grow out of the terrible twos, the trying threes and even those scary teen years.  Your kids WILL grow out of the stage they are in.

THE BLESSING COMES LATER : When you first become pregnant, you are told what a blessing your child is. At times, you may not feel very blessed. Remember, the blessing comes later when your kids are grown and having kids of their own.

IT IS OK TO FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING INSANE : You may feel like you just want to bang your head into the walls some days. Please don’t do that, but it is ok to feel that way. All moms get to their breaking point.

WE ALL GO TOO FAR SOMETIMES : We all discipline out of anger, scream at our kids and get so frustrated that we take our emotions too far. The important thing is to recognize this, try to do better and apologize to your kids!  Know that all moms go through this as well.

YOU CAN TAKE A NAP : You are exhausted, so take some time for you and go take that much needed nap. If the kids are sleeping, forget the housework and get some rest too. You need to let go and take a nap from time to time. If the kids do not nap, lay on the couch while they are watching a cartoon – you may not sleep, but the rest will do you good.

NO MOM IS PERFECT AND NEVER WILL BE!  No matter how exhausted you become, remember YOU are a great mom. What other encouragement do you have for exhausted moms?

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Wednesday 1st of February 2017

Hi Jody, Thank you...thank you...thank you. I couldn't hv found your article at a better time. My 5 yr old started kindergarten today. Im sure i dont need to say more. Its stressful and emotional at the same time. Thinking a lot...but your article came at the right time. Thank you for giving me the reassurance that sometimes we as parents need to keep us going.

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Wednesday 1st of February 2017

You are doing well mama! Parenting is not easy, I am glad you found some encouragement in these words.

Cherry Blossoms

Tuesday 27th of December 2016

Thank you for writing this post. It really did encourage me. I have been feeling so guilty lately about getting frustrated and for finding it hard to keep my sanity. I often feel so bad that I could do so much more for my kid but often fail miserably to do so. Being an unplanned pregnancy, things took a huge leap so suddenly in my life that it became so hard to stay my feet on the ground and live up to the responsibilities. Often times I find myself struggling with trying to manage the day, between cleaning the house to putting proper food on the table for every meal , from getting tired to playing with my son and teach him some learning activities. Often times I just slack off on a lot of things and just be lazy, then things start piling up and the chores seem too much sort through in my limited time. But I am working on stuff, everyday.. I try to make things better. Do things better for my son. I want him to have a good life. I want to raise him well. I want to do my best as a mother for my son. Sadly, i can't do that all the time. I guess the key here is to keep going on. And keep on trying. There Will be bad days. But you have to get through them, never loose hope and make the next day better than this one.

Sonia Scott

Thursday 8th of September 2016

Thanks.. I needed this. Myb7 month old is the happiest most chilled out baby I've ever seen, but I still find myself feeling anxious, and overwhelmed with my long and neglected to do list.

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Friday 9th of September 2016

I'm glad that you found this post at the right time. Don't let the anxious thoughts get the best of you.

Hale acar

Thursday 25th of August 2016

I'm so happy hearing that there are other moms having same problems. I think fırstly I must accept and always remember no mom is perfect and İ will never be too. Thankss

joanne frank

Thursday 11th of August 2016