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Christmas is my favorite season!

I love decorating, but it sure can be expensive!

This year we wanted to decorate with a white and wood theme, so I knew I wanted to make some type of wood slice ornaments.


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It was important to me that my family would be able to join in on the fun, so these DIY wooden Christmas ornaments with white yarn stars were absolutely perfect.




The first thing you will need is the wood slices.

You can purchase wood slices or you can cut your own.

We made our wood slices from birch, but you can use what you have available.

Once you have the wood slices (ours were approximately 2” in diameter and about ¼” thick), draw a star template that would fit on the wood.

Cut it out and then use a black sharpie marker to put a dot at each point where you want to string the white yarn through.

There should be 10 dots if you want to have the same type of star as we made.

You want to make sure that your dots aren’t too close to the edge of the wood or it may crack when you drill the holes.


Next, you will place your wood slice on a scrap piece of wood and drill the holes.

We used a 1/8 drill bit to drill the holes.

After the holes are drilled you can start threading the yarn through the holes.

You will need a yarn needle to do this.

We found it easiest to thread up and down around (so it looks like you are missing every other side) and then go back around the star the other way to fill in.

You will finish next to the hole you started from on the back – so this is where you tie the end of your yarn to the start of your yarn.

This will be the back of the ornament.

Now you will take thin jute twine through a yarn needle and thread the jute twine to make a loop to hang your ornament from.

It will go through one of the same holes as the top point of your star.

Voila, your DIY wooden Christmas ornament is now done!


This was such a fun and affordable DIY project that our whole family took part in.

My husband sliced the wood, I drew the template and marked the sharpie dots, my husband drilled the holes, my oldest daughter threaded the yarn through to make the stars and my youngest daughter added the jute twine to hang them.

Such a fun family time making Christmas ornaments together.


christmas tree ornament

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Saturday 15th of December 2018

Neat, don't have many wooden ornaments myself.. I like how customizable they are

Linda H

Wednesday 12th of December 2018

This is a great idea for ornaments.

Carole Dube

Saturday 8th of December 2018

These are pretty cook and easy enough to make! Thank you for sharing!