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Decorating a small kids bedroom

Creating the perfect room for your child can definitely be a challenge especially when space is an issue! Our daughters both have tiny bedrooms, our home is old (built in 1928) so although the girls rooms are tiny, they have a lot of character to them. Since their beds are the focal point of their room it is important to me that they have beautiful bedding like this gorgeous jungle baby bedding set from Baby Bedding Zone.

Jungle Baby Bedding from

In a small space – less is more. I personally think clutter can take away from the beauty of a small room. Besides a bed, a closet for clothes and some simple wall decor, each of our girls have a small lamp, a few books, a favorite toy and a special stuffed animal to sleep with. Their bedding is really what makes their rooms cozy and beautiful.

This frog baby bedding is simply adorable! Perfect for any little princess! I love this set because it works well for a new baby, and also works well through the toddler years. I love when bedding can last through more than one stage. It makes investing in a beautiful set worth it! I personally think this bedding set would totally dress up any little girls room. It would make a small space feel beautiful, cozy and fit for a princess!

Frog Baby Bedding from

Of course I can not leave out the little men in our families. Boys rooms can also be made to look wonderful in small space. Having beautiful crib bedding sets for boys and a nice basket of trains and books on the floor creates the perfect space for sleep and play. Beds with storage and baskets for toys and books are functional and create easy access of for the little ones to enjoy while keeping clutter at bay.

Crib bedding sets for boys from

Our daughters love their tiny bedrooms and thanks to beautiful bedding and a few space saving features I can honestly say I love their bedrooms too!

What tips do you have for creating a beautiful bedroom in a small space?

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Jodi Shaw

Monday 16th of May 2011

I love all this stuff and sometimes wish I had a little girl. My boys have posters on their wall of movies like Spiderman and Transformers and Canucks hockey stuff everywhere!

Echo Mayernik

Sunday 15th of May 2011

I don't have kids of my own, but I work with a lot of young moms who rent, therefore, they can't paint their kid's rooms. I found that fabric panels from ceiling to floor make the rooms look taller, without the cost of having to paint back over their nursery colors when they move out. You would want a long panel of fabric to hang like a window curtain, but on solid wall instead of the window. Pair this with accent colored wall decor in the columns of bland wall color and you have a room that pops.

Melanie W

Sunday 15th of May 2011

I'm one of those moms! ^_^ How exactly do you hang the fabric one the wall? Cute bedding btw, wish my kids were that little again!