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Cord Blood: A New Way to Protect Your Children

When it comes to preparing for the birth of our children, as mothers, we want to do everything possible to keep them safe from the harms of the world. However, illness and disease are two things that can affect our children even if we’ve done everything in our power to prevent it – but that no longer has to be the case.

Cord blood Canada banks offer expecting mothers and fathers the ability to store stem cells that can be used to treat their children in case they fall ill with certain diseases. This is because your baby’s umbilical cord blood is full of stem cells. Doctors can extract them from the umbilical cord and bank them for up to 21 years. If, during that time, your child or another family member falls ill, the stem cells can be used to help treat their condition.

Currently, there are over 75 different diseases that cord blood stem cells can be used to treat. From leukemia to sickle cell anemia, there are dozens of blood diseases that are treatable by stem cells derived from cord blood. Researchers are also working on new ways to use cord blood; for example, cerebral palsy, diabetes and arthritis are just a few of the diseases that are currently being tested in cord blood trials.

Cord blood banking is a great way to ensure that your child lives a happy and healthy life. So, consider the option. There are plenty of resources available on the internet to help you decide if cord blood banking is right for your family.

Have you considered cord blood banking?


Canadian Mom Blogger

Friday 8th of June 2012

We did this with two of our kids.


Friday 8th of June 2012

I may store my next child's cord blood. I will need to look into it more!

Jeanne M

Thursday 7th of June 2012

We decided to store our son's cord blood and are glad we did. We feel it is like insurance, you hope you won't need it but it is there if you do. With the advances in medicine these days we are hoping they come up with even more diseases to treat with it.