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Classroom View

classroom view

Since so many of you lovely readers asked to see more pictures of my classroom, I figured I would give you a little peak of our classroom for Monday’s Montessori Moment! You will notice that some materials on the shelf are not quite where they should be – these pictures were taken at the end of a work period with 1 child still in the room 🙂Montessori classroom

These first 2 shelves are Practical Life and Sensorial
Montessori classroom
Next are the Math and Language Shelves (if you are wondering why I have egg cartons on the shelf, it is where we have our miniatures for beginning sounds – I really need to find a better system to hold them).
Montessori classroom

And then we have our Culture area (we are having some new shelving made- this works for now).

Montessori classroom

We also have this shelf which expands our culture/science area

Montessori classroom

and here is a work table (On the work table is a frog activity that was new to the shelves this week. I’ll post about that soon too!) We also have our nature table- the “When I make Silence” book is always in a basket on the nature table for the quiet activity!

Montessori classroom

and a little Art area and Library. (You will notice some pink material cards on the easel – Snow White was copying the words on the chalkboard!)

Montessori classroom

and we also have a small place to enjoy some music (and a picture of our red rods and pink tower)

Montessori classroom

As you know, I have had the classroom upstairs in our sun room as it is so much brighter and beautiful, but with the addition of materials, we had to move down stairs to have more space!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our space. I am blessed to have so many wonderful materials and a space to put them. I am sure we would all love to a space like we see in many books, but I remind myself that Maria Montessori improvised too! My biggest joy is seeing the children happy in this environment made just for them!
What do you all think?

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