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There is nothing like a fresh cinnamon roll on a cold winter day.  That soft fluffy dough that brings sweetness and joy.  The smell that fills your house with happy memories and warm thoughts.

Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite things to bake in the winter months, along with pie, because they bring this sense of warmth and comfort that is needed to keep me going until the sunshine of summer comes again.  This cinnamon roll recipe is perfection and never fails to taste amazing.  It is a simple sweet dough recipe, so if you’re familiar with dough at all, this will not be a hard recipe to nail.

cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting


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If you don’t have instant yeast, you can use regular yeast for this recipe as well.  Just take ½ cup of the combined water and milk mixture and add the yeast and 1 tbs of white sugar and let it sit for 10 minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients to the bowl.

I didn’t mark down specific amounts for the filling of the cinnamon roll because everyone likes it a little different.  Just spread the margarine over the dough and then layer on some brown sugar and cinnamon.  If you are a chocolate chip fan you can add those during this step, or if you like nuts you can add in some crushed walnuts as a part of the filling as well.

When you are cutting your rolls, make sure to use a serrated knife.  I have learned through many squished cinnamon rolls, that a straight edge knife doesn’t cut it.  (get it??)

Cinnamon Buns with cream cheese frosting

As soon as the cinnamon rolls are out of the oven I like to put just a little layer of icing on them.  The warm roll soaks it up and it adds an extra yumminess to the cinnamon roll.  Then after they have cooled for a while I actually ice them.  I am a big fan of cream cheese icing so this recipe couldn’t get any better for me. If you prefer no icing or just a simple buttercream icing though, go ahead and make it your own!

I invite you to try out this delicious cinnamon roll recipe and warm up your insides during this cold season.

Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing


Makes approximately 18 rolls




  1. Combine scalded milk and cold water into mixer with the dough hook attachment.

  2. Add in yeast, sugar, salt, butter, egg and enough flour to make a soft dough (add one cup of flour at a time, and when it seems to be getting close to the right consistency only add a small amount at a time).

  3. Knead it with the dough hook for a few minutes.  Alternately you can knead it by hand as well.

  4. Cover dough with a towel and let rise until double in bulk (about an hour).

  5. Punch down the dough and roll it out. Spread a layer of margarine and sprinkle on the brown sugar and cinnamon.

  6. Roll up the dough and cut into about 18 pieces, depending on how big you want your cinnamon rolls to be.  When you are cutting your rolls, make sure to use a serrated knife.

  7. Place on a greased pan, cover with parchment paper and let them rise for another half an hour.

  8. Bake at 350° for 20-25 minutes until they are golden brown.


  1. Combine margarine, cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla in a small bowl and beat well with a hand mixer.

  2. Spread a little bit of icing on the rolls while they are still hot from the oven.  Wait until they have cooled off until you add the rest.

I’m Megan. I love to bake! I am a 19-year old student in my second year of Bible college, and after this year I plan on going through a baking and pastries program to learn more about baking. One day I hope to work for a bakery or maybe even own my own bakery! For now, I love baking for friends and family and we’ll see where God takes me in the future. If you want to see more baking check out my Instagram @baking.memories.

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Sunday 31st of December 2017

I have been looking for a recipe to try in my mixer since my bread machine died. This looks like the perfect one to try.

Sarah alexis

Wednesday 27th of December 2017

My son love love loves cinnamon rolls - I have to admit they are pretty yummy!

Jennifer Wilson

Wednesday 27th of December 2017

I'll eat anything as long as it has cream cheese icing on it.

Erin N

Monday 25th of December 2017

Yum! I have yet to attempt to make cinnamon rolls, but I'm gonna try this recipe! Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Friday 22nd of December 2017

My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures! I will have to try this recipe on Sunday morning as a surprise for the family.

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