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Capture Family Memories with the Nokia Lumia 620! #NokiaSpring

The last few weeks have been a tough one for us as a family.  My husband lost his job and we have been trying to adjust to a “new” normal which includes lots of unanswered questions and stress.

So, in order to try and relieve some of the stresses, we decided to take our little family of 4 on a mini-vacation.  We booked a hotel room and headed 2 hours south to a city just across the Canadian/US border.  Crossing the border to swim, shop & eat seems to help us forget about what is going on at home for a little while.

Since we were only headed down for 1 night, we packed light and I decided not to take my camera with me.  It adds about 5 pounds to my already full purse and I didn’t want my shoulders to be sore before 1 day was over.  Since I had just received the Nokia Lumia 620 to try out, I was excited to use that to document our family fun vacation.

Family Fun Memories 2

The Nokia Lumia 620, was the perfect piece of technology to have along with us.  Small enough to fit in my purse and not add any weight, or even small enough to stick in my pocket, the Nokia Lumia 620 was right there ready for me to capture special moments.  The Nokia Lumia 620 is a windows phone that gives you all the benefits of your computer in a mini-hand-held version.

Let me walk you through 4 of my favorite features of the Nokia Lumia 620:

#1 – You do not NEED a data plan to surf the internet or check e-mails.  As long as you are near a WI-FI hot spot, you have access to all you would need.  Check Facebook, Tweet your favorite pal, or reply to that important work e-mail while not using up precious data plan time – just connect to the WI-Fi.  I was able to stay connected with family and stay on top of my inbox for those 2 days.  Being able to take care of e-mails while away can make things a lot easier when you need to dive back into work when you get home.

#2 – The Camera & Video Camera.  The Nokia Lumia 620 boasts a 5.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom.  This camera has 6 different scene modes that allows you to capture all your memories.  I have to admit that there are so many options I have yet to try them all out!  Zooming in and out is easy and I love that it is easy to focus simply by holding down the camera key 1/2 way. I took lots of pictures to document our trip (as my husband pointed out – I am only in 1 of them.  The curse of being behind the camera).

Swimming Collage 2

You can change the camera mode to Smart Shoot.  The Smart Shoot modes allows you to create the perfect shot from a bunch of pictures.  We all know that with kids sometimes the picture where 1 child looks the best the other looks frightful.  This mode is perfect for capturing that perfect Christmas/Family card photo.

The video camera has a 720p resolution.  Quite honestly this means nothing to me (even though my husband has tried to explain it.)  All I know is that when I want to take a video of my kids, it will be clear and perfect!

#3 – The Kids Corner.  I don’t know about your kids, but mine are smart phone smart.  They know that there are games and apps on phones, and they also know that mom will need peace and quiet at some point while shopping.  I’m not too comfortable letting my kids play on my phone because of the chance that they can get into something that they aren’t supposed to or dial China.  The Nokia Lumia has a Kids Corner that allows you to put those worries aside.  You choose what goes in the Kids Corner — put games, apps or music for your kids to enjoy.  While they are in the Kids Corner, they cannot access any of your files or information.

Screen shot kids corner

You can even customize their start up screen to something that relates to them or even a picture of them.

Screen Shot Kids

#4 – Microsoft Office Mobile.  Being a Mom on-the-go who blogs, means that there are ideas that come into my head no matter where I am.  Having Microsoft Office on the Nokia Lumia 620, allows me to write up a draft or work on a spreadsheet while I’m out-and-about.  The Microsoft Office Mobile comes with:

  • Microsoft Word Mobile
  • Microsoft Excel Mobile
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile
  • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile
  • Windows SkyDrive

Microsoft Office Mobile

The Nokia Lumia 620 comes with a 1 GHz dual-core SnapDragon S4 processor which makes it easy to multi-task (which is something us Moms are great at!) and allows you to share photos and files at a quick speed.

This phone also gives you access to the world’s best maps via  Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transportation.

You can check out all the cool features of the Nokia Lumia 620 on their Product Page.

So tell me, what great family fun moments have you captured this spring?




Saturday 20th of April 2013

STILL waiting for Spring! :(


Thursday 11th of April 2013

You had me at smart shoot....oh my would that come in handy!!


Thursday 11th of April 2013

Kids Corner is my favourite feature too, looks like you've figured out a few other great features I haven't tried yet too!


Thursday 11th of April 2013

Jennifer, There are SO many great features I think it will take me a while to try them all!


Thursday 11th of April 2013

Wow, those pictures turned out gorgeous.Sorry for the job loss but that also allows for precious family moments, right?


Thursday 11th of April 2013

Memories are being made for sure! (And I don't have to do school drop off & pick up - score for Mama!)


Thursday 11th of April 2013

I'd have to say it would be my daughter's encounter with the belugas at SeaWorld. Def!

PS Love the Microsoft Office feature in the phone.


Thursday 11th of April 2013

We have always wanted to take our kids to SeaWorld!