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#BlissDomCanada women are changing the world

I’m sitting here enjoying a mug of @DavidsTea while I try to put my thoughts together about one of most memorable events that has happened in my life to date.

Let me explain.

The excitement was building, I was entering the doors of the @HiltonToronto for one of the most anticipated blogging conferences in Canada when I stopped, turned around and realized that my “wonderful” limo driver had driven away with my iPhone in hand.  I could go on and on about how terrible the driver and company are, but I choose to forgive Airline Limousine.

First of all I want to thank the kind concierge from the hotel. He went beyond his duty and was supportive, kind and generous with the kleenex during the whole ordeal.

I want to thank one of the @BlissDomCanada sponsors #PCFinancial who heard about my iPhone being stolen and graciously gave me a Samsung Android phone. Your kindness was real.

I have to thank the many friends for their hugs when I was feeling completely lost and violated. I especially want to thank @lislannin who offered me her iPod Touch to use during the conference even though she had never met me before. Incredible.

On Saturday morning @KarmicEvolution came up to me during breakfast. She had collected money from many of the 500 BlissDomCanada attendees to purchase me a new iPhone. For Real. I cried. I could not believe that a room full of women (and a few men) whom I had never met would all donate money to get me a new phone. Since there was more money than what I needed to replace my iPhone, the extra money went to The $5 dollar project specifically for #50Teens4Christmas.

I was so touched, that I decided to give my new Samsung Android phone to someone who really needed it. After I gave her the phone I went to one of the booths and played a game…I won….I won another Samsung Android phone!!

By this time I am emotionally drained. I am so touched by all the kindness surrounding me. I know without a doubt that doing something kind for someone, no matter how small, really can change the world!

Want to hear about the rest of my trip?!? The people are what made the trip wonderful for me. I wish I could have got a picture of every beautiful woman at the conference. Each one is incredible and talented and makes the world a better place!

Shuttle Service by Chevrolet to the CBC Live Kick-Off reception.

Shuttle Service by Chevrolet

Me on the Red Carpet at the CBC Kick-Off Reception

me on the Red Carpet at CBC Live

Me with my wonderful roommate @Kidsumers

Kidsumers : Mommy Moment

Me with @MyWeeView

MyWeeView : Mommy Moment

Yes, I did get to see the wonderful @MammaYamma again! I did see her at the KidsCBC Tweet up earlier this year too.

Mamma Yamma : Mommy Moment

A photo taken with the beautiful Janice from @5minutesformom

5 Minutes for Mom : Mommy Moment

The fabulous @momstownca

MomstownCa : Mommy Moment

Yes, that is me between the awesome @StevenandChris

Steven and Chris : Mommy Moment

The lovely @naturalurbanmom

natural urban mom : Mommy Moment

Thrilled to have met the gorgeous @jenbanksyeg

jenbanksyeg : Mommy Moment

The backside of the stunning…





BlissdomCanada FoundersOh, and here is the front side of these beauties…

BlissDomCanada : Mommy Moment

Kim Wilson (Creative Head, CBC) and Stefani Walsh (Outreach Coordinator), 2 amazing ladies I adore from @kidscbc @cbcparents


The talented and beautiful Maria @AMotherWorld

amotherworld : Mommy moment

I had to stop by the Mr. Dressup museum at the CBC building…oh how i loved Casey and Finegan.

Mr. Dressup : Mommy Moment

I already wrote about meeting the Famous GAIL VAZ-OXLADE from Till Debt do us Part.


Gail Vaz-Oxlade : Mommy Moment

The make me laugh @CocktailDeeva

CocktailDeeva : Mommy Moment

My AMAZING Queen of Hearts costume from the fabulous

{This costume was well made and perfect for the BlissDomCanada costume and Karaoke party. I got so many compliments on my costume, thank-you for sponsoring my costume for the event. It was a hit!}

Photo with Janice from @5minutesformoms and @sassymodernmom

I also send out a huge thank-you to my BlissdomCanada Sponsor who sponsored my flights, meals, etc. Thank-you @AllLocallyMade! I won my actual ticket to BlissDomCanada in the @Ddrops contest for writing a winning article “Mom Bloggers have positive Impact on the Health of Canadians“.

I could honestly sit here all day and write about how each woman I met is incredible. I wish I had pictures to go with so many more beautiful faces…Here are a few more shout outs I have to give…

It was cool meeting @JordanKnight from The New Kids On The Block, and:

  • @soberjulie
  • @hippofatamus
  • @Shasherslife
  • @MapleLeafMommy
  • @Momvstheboys
  • @FeliciaDewar
  • @JackiYo
  • @AppHipMom
  • @CommonCentsMom
  • @AnnDouglas
  • @BewilderedBug
  • @ChildMode

I had an amazing flight home sitting with the beautiful @Tarasview on @WestJet.

And I have to give a huge shout out to @Otterbox who after finding out my iPhone was stolen, kindly sent me a new Otterbox case! What an amazing company!

I’ll leave you with some of the many sponsors of BlissDomCanada 2011. Thank-you:


  • @CBCLive
  • @ChevroletCanada
  • @corelsoftware
  • @couponsca
  • #FisherPriceMoms
  • @MBosc
  • #SteamandWin
  • @AlisonIPR
  • @betterstyled
  • @atomicspark
  • #KelloggatBlissDom
  • @KraftCanada
  • @lisaleonard
  • @mabelhood
  • @MLFconnects
  • one2onenetwork
  • #PhilipsSpaCafe
  • @WorthSwitching4
  • @fashionrickis
  • @thestep2company
  • @truestarhealthonline
  • @UrbanMomsca
  • @UsedEverywhere
  • @VisitOrlando
  • @YoungDrivers

Jennifer Hunt

Wednesday 26th of October 2011

Jody! It was so nice to meet you. Although the first thing I thought when I saw you was "oh no what happened?" I remember seeing you at the concierge desk and you looked so upset.. then I found out what happend and was so ticked off for you!. I'm happy that Jodi was able to gather enough money to get you a new phone and have some left over for the 5 dollar project. The amount of love and support during Blissdom was just amazing.

Melissa @MelissaVroon

Tuesday 25th of October 2011

Great post but FYI you spelled Felicia wrong. It should be @FeliciaDewar she was my sweetiepie roomate at Blissdom Canada!

Lynette @ My Wee View

Tuesday 25th of October 2011

Thanks for the lovely post Jody! it was nice to see you again, we'll see each other again soon I'm sure!



Tuesday 25th of October 2011

*mwah* love you!!


Tuesday 25th of October 2011

It was so wonderful to get to know you! Your laugh is contagious and you clearly have a generous soul. The ohone fiasco turned into such a pay it forward event! Thanks for including me in your post, I'm honoured:)