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Birthday Present Ideas for Kids

Where there are birthday parties, there are often birthday presents.

Like many aspects of birthday parties, comes the debate about birthday presents.

What do you think?birthday present ideas

1) Should a child receive birthday presents from the guests that are invited?

Kids have stuff these days.  It’s easy to find stuff everywhere.  Little toys, big toys, quality toys, junky toys and more!  Does your child really need 8 more toys all on one day?

2) Should you give a wish list?  Is this a pushy way to ask for those gifts that your child likes?  Is this taking present giving too far?

3) Should you forgo presents and donate to a worthy cause?

Ask each child to bring an item for the food bank, bring $5 for a favorite charity or bring a book to give to the classroom library?

4) Do you ask the party parent what their child likes in advance?

Do you closely follow the wish list of the child?  Do you travel all over looking for that particular item?

5) Do you give a birthday child a gift certificate?

Should you let them pick out their own gift at a toy store?  Or, do you give them cash and let them go to any store they want?

6) If you take out the birthday presents are you taking out a birthday tradition?  

Does it seems that children love to take a gift to another child’s party?  Is this personal contribution by the guest overlooked?

Why do I ask these all in question format?  Because, the answer is up to you!  Keep in mind there are many ways to look at the birthday present issue.  Pick what feels right to you.  Stick to it!

Birthday Present Ideas that I find quite universal for boys and girls of all interest types:

  • -construction paper
  • -markers
  • -beach towels
  • -t-shirts
  • -pj’s
  • -bubble bath
  • -water bottles
  • -socks
  • -DVDs
  • -books
  • -magazines
  • -lip moisturizer
  • -stickers

These are just a few ideas!  They may not be the show stopper gifts, but even if a child already has it, it really won’t matter.  Chances are they will use it!

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Cindy Despins is the founder of  As a stay at home mother of 2, she loves to provide her children with opportunities to play, be creative and learn.  She loves to share these ideas with other children and help parents out with her birthday party packages.

Rachel R.

Friday 8th of March 2013

For all of the young girls except the littlest ones, we've found that "cardmaking" kits make a great gift - a washable ink pad, a couple of $1 rubber stamps, and a stack of blank cards.


Thursday 7th of March 2013

Thanks so much for these tips! As my kids get older, I'm sure I will be using some of these ideas for planning :)