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Amber Necklaces, Cloth Diapers & MORE! from Tiny TreeHugger #giveaway

Tiny TreeHugger is a local, on-line company that was launched in Spring of 2009.  (You can read about the company and how the owner decided on starting up this business HERE).

Tiny TreeHugger sells everything from cloth diapers, to amber teething necklaces, to reusable bags and MORE!  If you are thinking about or just getting into cloth diapering they have a great info page with everything you will need to know.  Check out their website for all their great products.

Today I am going to focus on the amber necklaces/bracelets and their abilities.

Amber is said to have healing abilities and according to Wikipedia, the first historical mention of the material was made in 4th century BC.

Amber necklaces have been made as a way to reduce the pain associated with babies/kids when they are teething.  Here’s how they work:

  • A natural analgesic, amber will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs.
  • Amber is a fossilized resin, not a stone. It is therefore warm to the touch, as well as very comfortable and light to wear.
  • Wearing Baltic amber necklaces on the skin can have a soothing and calming effect on teething babies and toddlers.
  • When amber is worn on the skin, the skin’s warmth releases minuscule amounts of healing oils from the amber which are then absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.
  • Amber’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are also recognized by allopathic medicine. In Austria, Switzerland and Germany, you will find amber teething necklaces sold in local pharmacies.

Tiny Tree Hugger sells not only the teething necklaces but also adult bracelets and necklaces too.  Since Amber has anti-inflammatory properties the adult pieces can help alleviate pain caused by all kinds of different issues.

I have had pain in my hand for about 8 years now, since my husband and I were in an accident that damaged the ligaments in my hand.  A friend of mine who has been using amber necklaces for a while now for her restless legs, suggested that I try an amber bracelet to see if that would help take the pain away.  So I decided to try one out and was grateful when Pam from Tiny Tree Hugger asked if I wanted to try one out as a review.

I received this great Multi-oval bracelet and immediately fell in love with the first look!

The first 2 days that I wore the bracelet, I was convinced that the pain was more pronounced and present (although my sister and husband are convinced it was all in my head).  After the second day, however, I realized that I wasn’t noticing the pain like before, and after about day 4 the pain seems to have disappeared all together!  Definitely making life more enjoyable.

Since I am prone to headaches, I am seriously considering getting an adult necklace to see if it can help reduce the pain from those as well.

Besides the bracelet, I also received a toddler teething necklace for my niece.  She is working on 5(!) teeth right now and is sometimes quite miserable.  We are hoping that the necklace works wonders with her.

Tiny TreeHugger is having a GRAND OPENING for all you local readers who want to take a look at all the great products they have to offer.  Check out the Facebook event page for all the details!


1 lucky Mommy Moment reader will WIN either a baby bracelet, baby necklace or adult bracelet!

**Open to Canadian & US residents**

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Morgan Lepley Edger

Sunday 2nd of September 2012

I would love to give my mom the adult bracelet!

Laurie Emerson

Sunday 2nd of September 2012

The teething necklace as my daughter is now teething.

shirley zolenski

Sunday 2nd of September 2012

The adult bracelet for my mom

Jane H

Sunday 2nd of September 2012

I would love the baby bracelt for my 1 year old. She seems to be in a constant state of teething.

cassandra (rab pom)

Sunday 2nd of September 2012

I would like the adult bracelet for my sisters birthday :) ty