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Many parents don’t like the idea of trick or treating. Depending on where you live, it can be dangerous not only eating the candy but walking around from house to house. Perhaps your child doesn’t like the scary costumes that others are wearing.  Factors such as religion and beliefs may play a part as well. All reasons are valid, but you may still want to do something with your kids for Halloween.

alternative Halloween activities

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MAKE LEAF ART : Normally by Halloween, there are tons of leaves on the ground. Go out and gather them up to make a wreath, a collage, or a tracing craft.

HANG A PINATA : If you want your kids to enjoy the candy fun, hang a piñata and have them take turns trying to get the candy out.

HAVE A HARVEST PARTY : If you don’t like the idea of Halloween, have a party that focusses on fall instead of the scary costumes.

GO TO A CORN MAZE : Corn mazes can be found all over and are great fun ideas that both enhance the senses and give something to do as a family.

MAKE FALL COOKIES : You can make cookies in the shape of pumpkins, leaves, or spiders. Have a cookie decorating contest as a family.

FACE PAINTING : Instead of Halloween costumes, use face paints to paint butterflies, superheroes, or animals on your kids’ faces.

PLAY CARNIVAL GAMES : Get friends and family together for a great time of carnival games in the back yard. Three-legged races, apple bobbing, and horseshoes are always favorites.

PUMPKIN DECORATING : You don’t have to carve out scary faces. Instead, get out the paints and decorate your pumpkins with non-Halloween pictures, shapes, and colors.

TRICK OR TREAT IN YOUR HOME : Have different rooms of the house that your kids can go to. Either have a hidden tub of candy or let them trick or treat to each room.

Halloween doesn’t have to be celebrated in the traditional sense, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun family time.

What other alternative ideas do you have for Halloween?

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