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AIR MILES Helps With Christmas Shopping

Christmas is less than a month away — where did the time go?  Although I have started my Christmas shopping, I have not yet finished, which does not settle well with me.  I am usually done all my shopping long before December 1st.

A couple of months ago, my husband and I began to realize that we were shopping at places that accepted AIR MILES.  Since it doesn’t cost anything to sign up, we decided to give it a go.  I didn’t realize that there were so many different ways you could use the miles that you earn.

Here are 4 ways to utilize AIR MILES this Christmas season:

Air Miles Bonus

#1) Get 25 BONUS reward miles from December 6-24th!

On every AIR MILES Cash redemption day you will receive 25 BONUS miles.  You are already spending the money on great items for your family, or for food for the Christmas party you are throwing.  What’s better than getting extra reward miles on items you are already purchasing?  (Atlantic & Quebec these dates will run from December 5-24)

#2) Choose what you want to redeem your AIR MILES on and when!

  • You can choose how your reward miles are earned and redeemed by signing up for AIR MILES Cash. Simply visit to set your preference.  Once your preference is set, all future earned AIR MILES reward miles are put into either your AIR MILES Cash or AIR MILES Dream Balance or a combination of them both.  AIR MILES that are collected under the AIR MILES Cash feature, can be redeemed instantly in-store at participating retailers.  Simply visit to turn your reward miles into instant savings!

Air Miles 95 for 10

#3) Earn & Save on EVERY Purchase!

  • Redeem 95 AIR MILES Cash reward miles for $10 INSTANTLY on purchases at participating retailers.  You can do this up to $750 per day!  Why not redeem these reward miles while shopping for Christmas dinner or filling the tank while driving to Grandpa & Grandma’s.  You can find a list of all participating sponsor locations HERE.

Air Miles Gas Purchases

#4) Shop & Earn towards your AIR MILES Cash balance

  • Weekly shopping trips add up; especially when you are purchasing all those ingredients to include in your Christmas baking.  Sign up for an AIR MILES card and use it at thousands of retailers across Canada.  You can also pay for your purchases using your AIR MILES Cash balance at local retailers like Rona and Shell.

Air Miles Grocery Store Purchases

How will you use your AIR MILES card this Christmas season?


George M

Monday 30th of December 2013

Air Miles are helpful.

Leigh-Ann Murphy

Friday 27th of December 2013

Love air miles! It paid for our tickets to FLorida last may for our cruise =)

Teresa Claire

Friday 27th of December 2013

I already have enough points for free gas plus the gas has gone down quite a bit!

Lesley E

Friday 27th of December 2013

I love cashing my airmiles- I really should start saving them up for bigger things but I can't resist :)

Florence C

Thursday 26th of December 2013

This is great. I went to get some groceries before Christmas and was delighted to get the $10 off and the bonus miles.