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A Local Shining Moment ~ Pillowpacker Pillows

Planes, trains and automobiles, whatever the transport, where ever the destination, traveling is so much fun!

Whether you’re a spontaneous, grab whatever you can from your underwear drawer and take off type of traveler…

Or you’re the plan ahead and check and re check the list, packed and ready two weeks before you leave type of traveler…

All travelers have one thing in common, they are all going somewhere with a few personal belongings and leaving everything else they own behind.

Now unless you’re traveling deep into the bush to experience life at it was, when cavemen first discovered fire…what ever kind of traveler you are, comfort is always a good thing.

This week’s stars of The Local Shining Moment are a couple from Ottawa, Ontario who designed and created comfort you’re happy to pack for any destination and so glad you have it when you get there.

Pillowpackers is where you get inflatable travel pillows made from your choice of down or mircrofibre that packs flat in suitcase or rolled into your backpack.

Although smaller then your average size, with this adjustable luxury travel pillow, you’ll be resting your head in comfort instead of waking up with a pain in your neck.

You may not be a traveler that brings your pillow along for the trip, but I bet that’s because you’d lose half of your luggage space if you did. Now thanks to Pillowpackers you can travel with your own personal luxury and comfort, without giving up any space in luggage or losing your precious beauty sleep!

Find them on Twitter and Facebook too!

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