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A Local Shining Moment ~ Mr. Freeze

The blazing sun, rise in temperature and that frizzy hair tells us all that summer has arrived!

While we’re turning on the air conditioner, getting that perfect tan and planning those summer barbeques, nothing says summer like those icy cold indulgences on a hot day.

Taking center stage this week in the Local Shining Moment is a company who’s been providing those summer treats for as long as I can remember.

When it comes to those hot summer days and nights and a dessert like refreshment is in order, the “go to move” is to digging in the freezer…

It’s possible the name Kisko Products a manufacturer in Ontario, isn’t most familiar to you, but unless you’re from the actual ice age, this has been a beloved frozen treat known and savored by most …

Is it ice cream?… Is it frozen yogurt?… Maybe gelato?…

NO… It’s Mr.Freeze to the rescue!

…Mr. Freeze is a longtime favorite and one of many fabulous frozen treats Kisko Products manufactures.

From regular to jumbo sized in a variety of flavors Mr.Freeze, also known as Mr.Freezies, is truly a cool icy delight for people of all ages!


Kisko Freezies are on Facebook!

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