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A Child’s View

Have you ever explored the outdoors from a child’s view? You’d be amazed how different the world looks from 3 feet high. From towering trees and the hills that look like mountains to the rocks and wild flowers that are just within reach, it’s quite simply a wonderful world we have to explore.

Puddles beg to be jumped in, dandelions call out to be picked, and every fallen branch is just waiting to become a part of the newest fort.

As I sat on the ground, drawing with my finger in the sand and watching my children play in the backyard, I realized something. I realized that it does not take the latest gadgets, the top trending toys or even money to have an absolutely wonderful day. Some of our favorite family times together have been the ones where we were outside hiking, camping, or playing in the back yard.

Since I had spent the morning looking at the world though the view of my children I wanted them to experience the world in a different view too. Our 5 year old daughter was so excited for this fun new adventure, another first for her. With daddy’s help she got propped up in our big Elm tree, and her eyes told me just how much she loved the view.


A little bit of OFF spray keeps the pesky Manitoba mosquitoes at bay and allows for a fun day of play.

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