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5 Tips for Parents On-The-Go ($379.99 BOB MOTION Stroller #Giveaway)

Bob Motion Stroller

5 Tips for Parents On-The-Go


#1. Pack extra clothes ~ and NOT just for the kids.  ~ Being out-and-about with the kids often means stopping for meals or a quick sanity smoothie break for Mom.  Whether your little one spills your smoothie all over themselves or they manage to have a major diaper blow-out, extra clothes are a must.  Remember to pack an extra shirt for you too!  All too often, I was the one who needed a change!

#2. Pack extra snacks ~ Often times, errands or shopping manages to take a littler longer than we had planned.  Long lines or bumping into an old friend, can cause delays in your little one’s routine, including snack/lunch time.  Packing extra snacks helps keep their tummies full and allows you a little leeway with time.

#3. Have a lightweight stroller that can stand the test of time.  ~  Kids love the independence that comes with getting older.  They love to walk on their own (while staying close to mom of course) but their little legs do not hold up for long.  Having a stroller that can last from baby to 65 pounds gives you (and THEM) the freedom to take longer trips away from home.  The BOB MOTION stroller perfectly fits children of all ages up to 65 pounds.

Bob Motion Stroller

#4. Pack a busy bag.  ~ When we are shopping and out-and-about (especially clothes shopping) my kids can sometimes get bored easily.  When I need them to sit still and quiet for a period of time, I always pull out our busy bag.  Our busy bag/activity bag is filled with workbooks, markers, pencils, stickers and other small toys that I have purchased from our local dollar store.  These items always stay in the busy bag and I refill it as the different items deplete.

#5. Extra dose of patience and humor in your back pocket ~  When you are pushing your cell phone into your pocket and are ready to head out the door, make sure you have slipped that extra dose of patience and good attitude in with it.  Parents who are easy going, and can “roll with the punches” can often get better behavior out of their kids.

The BOB MOTION stroller has been a lifesaver for our busy lifestyle.

Here are some extra features about the BOB MOTION stroller that we love!

  • The MOTION stroller is good for children from birth up to 65 pounds.  This is the first stroller that I have had that can comfortably sit my preschool and is not harder to push!
  • The stroller has a supportive seat, a five-point harness system and reclining seat.  The 5-point harness system can easily be adjusted to just buckle around the waist in the instance that your child is too tall for the shoulder straps.
  • An extra-large canopy.   The extra canopy piece on the front adds extra protection against the wind and sun.
  • a cargo basket at the bottom holds essentials.
  • The durable high-impact wheels and rugged suspension system helps absorb bumps in the road.  It can even plow through a Manitoba spring blizzard!

Bob Motion Stroller

You can add accessories to your stroller such as a snack tray, weather shield and a handlebar console.  These accessories help add to the functionality of the stroller and are all sold separately so that you can customize your BOB MOTION stroller the way you want.


1 lucky Canadian Mommy Moment reader will WIN a BOB MOTION stroller (arv $379.99) — excluding Quebec.

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling me how this stroller would help you out in your on-the-go parenting.

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Kirsten Fornwald

Wednesday 10th of April 2013

Living on a farm in SE Saskatchewan where winter won't seem to leave it would be great to be able to get around easily with my two ill girls, in snow, mud or gravel! Nothing can beat getting outside and getting fresh air for all of us!


Wednesday 10th of April 2013

My stroller is about to die on me and my little boy! This would be perfect for him as I always tag him along with me on all my walks! Plus, look at that! It goes well with the snow!

Stephanie G

Wednesday 10th of April 2013

We love to take the dog on walks on kind of rough trails this stroller with it's rugged wheels would be great so we could take the baby and dog at the same time!

Judy Hunting

Wednesday 10th of April 2013

I love to go for long walks with my son and our dogs, sadly the stroller I have barely goes over grass. This stroller would be so much easier!

Sari W

Wednesday 10th of April 2013

This would be much easier to take on the bus than my BOB Revolution!