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Your sharing and ninja vs pirates questions – Answered!

Q: How can I get my 5 year old to share her toys with her 2 year old sister.
A:  I think it would be easier to stop the earth from spinning, but we will give it a shot. Well first of all I think it is great that they do play in the same area.  Even though there is a couple year gap between the two, they can still be in the same room together and be friends (until they become teenagers at which point it is a battle royal till the age of 25ish).  The 5 year old has had to share everything since their sibling was born and this will create some hardships already, but this can be turned into an opportunity to have the 5 year old learn about responsibility and caring for others.  Ask the 5 year old what she would like to teach the sibling.  Make sure these are the toys that are out can be “teachable” and have the 5 year old become the teacher.  Remind the 5 year old how much fun you had when you were teaching them.  5 year olds (along with most children) tend to be pleasers and will follow your lead if you go this direction. 
Reward the 5 year old for teaching and give her some space to play by herself if she wants it and you can do it.  It is important for her to share, however given they do spend lots of time together already and the 2 year old will idolize the 5 year old, she will need some space.  We all need our “me” time and children are not exception to this rule. 
Good luck.  

Q: Why do ninja’s hate pirates and vise versa?
A:  Wow, now that is a good quality question right there that deserves some serious thought.  Given that my pirate skills are lacking and my ninja skills are still in the developing stage, I would have to say the lifestyle difference creates bitterness within the two cultures.
Lets look at what the pirates think about ninja’s.  The ninja is very sneaky and can sneak up on you anywhere (quick look behind you….awww you missed it).  Pirates can’t sneak the way a ninja can with all the bling and “Arrrr’s”.  This can be a bitter thorn for pirates and I think we should feel sorry for them. I mean come on, wouldn’t it be cool to sneak up on you like that one is doing to you right now…awww you missed it again (they are quick)
Ninja’s, well if you are a full fledged I hope you like black, cause that is all you will ever wear.  A pirate’s wardrobe is full of everything from blouses and gold chains, to funky hats and peg legs.  And all the ninja can wear is black pajamas.  Gotta be a hard life. 
I hope this sheds some light into your very intriguing question.  

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