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We Share Our Messiest Moment — What’s Yours?

From day #1, babies are messy.

From diaper changes, to trying their fist table foods, to devouring their first birthday cake, kids are always getting dirty.  Even now that my kids are seven and five, I keep a package of wipes in the van to combat messy hands and faces that are bound to happen.

Messiest moment

I remember the messiest moment in our house. It was two weeks after my youngest had been born and it was the first day that I was “on my own” with both kids. My two-week old son had a dirty diaper and luckily our diaper changing station was in the bathroom (you will understand why I say “luckily” in a while). I got the wipes and clean diaper ready and then started to change him. In the middle of cleaning up the first poopy diaper, my son pooped again. This wasn’t just a small bowel movement, but a large, exploding one!  EVERYTHING was covered from him, to the counter, mirror, toilet and even shower curtain!

I screamed out of surprise and my little two-year-old daughter ran into the bathroom to see what was wrong. At that exact moment, my son decided to pee.  Not only did he get himself wet, he managed to get his sister all wet as well. At this point, all I could do was laugh and my daughter did NOT think it was funny and she started to cry. That started my son crying and amidst of two crying children (and one laughing Mama) I grabbed my package of wipes (that is never far away) and started to clean up my children.

Another great use for wipes is when your child has gotten their face painted. While the face painted children look cute at the moment, scrubbing and washing the paint off at the end of the day can be a painful experience. We have found that wiping your child’s face gently with a wipe will help remove the first couple layers and not be quite so harsh as scrubbing with a washcloth.

Face Paint

What’s YOUR messiest parenting moment?

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