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TRAM Kids Boots & TRAM Lunch Bag #Giveaway

Well everyone, its that time of year again where you are never sure how to dress your child in the morning.  It may be rainy or snowy with a -10 chill in the air or it could be a crisp, dry day only to end in a snow storm…welcome to Manitoba.

Either way I am confident my daughter will be safe and comfortable in her Tram Park Bubbles boots.

These stylish, modern and warm boots from Tram Footwear are perfect for our climate.  They are 100% water proof and rated till -40.  Perfect for our Canadian fall, winter and spring weather.  Comprised of neoprene, it makes the TRAM kids boots very durable, and for a parent of an active kid, this is a blessing to hear.  We all know that kids can be hard on boots, and our children are no exception to the rule.

I love that the design and material of this boot is of lasting quality.  Thanks to all the landscaping we have done in our backyard this year, there is an abundance of mud and rock in our backyard. Our children have taken FULL advantage of it.  These boots have seen abuse over the past month and the solid construction with the increased rubber on the toe makes them a comfort for worrying mothers.

We have the Tram Park Bubbles boots and my daughter loves them.  The purple pattern along with the extra thick 7mm flex and resilient neoprene body makes them a great choice.  The enforced handles on the top of the boot (for easy pulling on and off) makes mornings a little easier in our home…anything to speed up the process of getting out the door to the school bus.

These are very comfortable boots (as per daughters claim) and because they are fashionably cool, our daughter has no problem wearing them.  (She also LOVED that their website can be viewed in French ~ it made her day). The antimicrobial insole is a real bonus.  Have your kids give these boots a try and no longer fight to have them wear the boots that will keep them dry and warm.

Giveaway Moment: One pair of Tram Park Kids’ boots (choice of print/color based on inventory availability – value of $90), along with one Tram lunch bag (value $20). Open to Canadian residents only.

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Sunday 4th of November 2012

Since my boys are in the "too cool" phase of life...I gotta go with the plain hoo. Heck as long as it keeps their feet warm...I don't care :)


Sunday 4th of November 2012

I love Park Flowers...

Lesley D.

Sunday 4th of November 2012

I love Park Bubbles

Angelene Ashawasega

Sunday 4th of November 2012

Park Flowers are my fave!

Ashley J

Sunday 4th of November 2012

The Park Hearts and Park Flowers are all nice. :)