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Tips for planning a stress free birthday party

Back in 2009 I was at a mom’s group. I sat with a group of moms that were dreading their child’s approaching birthday party plans.  I was was very surprised.  I thought all parents (especially moms liked to plan their child party)?!  Well, just because it was true for me didn’t mean it was true for these women or many other parents out there!  This got me thinking, and thus I got to work planning my business.

Now, fast forward to 2013…I still know that the mention of a birthday party sends shivers down spines of many parents.

Stress free birthday party

1)Problem: Too many people in my house!

Solution: Did you know that birthdays can be run at many community clubs for $30 to 50?  I’ve actually been invited to run parties in a park (free location)!

2) Problem: My child, and their friends, don’t like anything but computers and tv.

Solution: You may be very surprised to find out that girls and boys of a variety of ages still like to make necklaces, color, play tag and go on a treasure hunt.  The enthusiasm won’t last for 2 hours…but, 45 minutes of fun can be had by most!  I have been amazed many times how the simplest activity can keep a computer savvy kid happy!

3) Problem: I’m not creative, I can’t plan a party.

Solution: The Internet is full of party ideas.  Libraries have step by step party guides.  Bounce the idea off your peers, a few people can rather up some awesome ideas in a snap!

4) Problem: I’d love to hire some party help.  I could never afford it.  It ‘s only one day, I’ll swallow the stress, time and gradual overspending myself!

Solution: There are child entertainers, artists, hobby enthusiasts and party planners out there to help!  These people take care of the entertainment. You are allowed to greet the parents as they drop off their children, and take down contact info / answer any question.  You’re able to check if there are enough birthday candles, whether the French fries in the oven are burning or to make sure that everyone knows we’re the bathroom is.   You’re also afforded a stress free party.  You’re not yelling at your spouse and you can enjoy the party with the kids.  Finally, if you add up all the money you spend gradually over the month before the party, you’ll find that you likely spent more money than you would have with the hired party help!

Do yourself a favor!  Enjoy the milestones and memories that your child’s party provides!  Step back, put the problem on its head, and look at the party solutions this year!

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birthday parties

Cindy Despins is the founder of  As a stay at home mother of 2, she loves to provide her children with opportunities to play, be creative and learn.  She loves to share these ideas with other children and help parents out with her birthday party packages.


Friday 8th of February 2013

That great to hear! Positive memories for you, and your children!

Kathleen Kennedy-Leon

Thursday 7th of February 2013

we have my son's party at the community rec center and they kids LOVE it--they run around, get sweaty, eat pizza and cake-boom done--lots of fun had by all


Thursday 7th of February 2013

Great tips!


Thursday 7th of February 2013

I had my son's party catered by Sweet Tomatoes this year and it was amazing! Affordable and so easy! Thank you for the great tips!