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Once You Get Loose, You’ll Never Go Bagged! A Tiesta Tea #Giveaway

My husband enjoys tea.

In fact, his drink of choice in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up at work, is a nice, hot cup of tea.

In fact, he has researched the right water temperature for different teas and how long each type of tea should brew for.

So he was thrilled when Tiesta Tea sent us 5 different teas to try out.

Tiesta Tea

Tiesta Teas are all-natural loose teas in a variety of flavors that can be brewed hot or cold.

The Eternity tea is one of Tiesta’s all-natural herbal teas.  These herbal teas are packed full of anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties that help keep you looking and feeling young.

Tiesta’s Relaxer tea is a combination of  Rooibos Tea and Herbal Tea that are full of ingredients which are know to have relaxing characteristics.  These teas are perfect for at the end of your day.

The Immunity tea also contains a Rooibos Tea and Herbal Tea blend that help get rid of toxins in your body to help you build a strong immune system.

Energizer tea from Tiesta Tea  contains Black Tea and Maté Tea blends which give you a clean, all-natural source of energy to give you a pick-me-up when you are feeling tired.

Tiesta’s Slenderizer Tea Blends contain Green Tea and Oolong Tea blends that are packed full of catechins, polyphenols and fiber.  These help aid in increasing your metabolism which can help you deal with un-wanted lbs.

This evening, we had un-characteristically cold temperatures for Manitoba, so hubby and I decided to brew some Tiesta Tea as an evening treat.  Of course, with me drinking iced drinks all through the winter, I chose to try the Fruity Pebbles tea, iced.  This delicious white and green tea with a combination of papaya, pineapple and strawberry was a wonderful treat.  Not only was the taste delicious but the scent of the tea was wonderful.

Tiesta Tea brewed and iced

My hubby being a hot-drink drinker almost all year round chose the Passion Berry Jolt brewed hot.  This black tea has a high caffeine level and features raspberry and passion fruit flavors.  The smell of this tea was strong and fruity and my  husband loved it!  I can definitely see us drinking more tea around this house with these great flavors from Tiesta Tea!

If you are a tea-newbie like me, Tiesta Tea has a lot of helpful tips on their website under Brewing Tea 101.  Here you can find tips and tricks to brewing the perfect cup of tea as well as different brewing times that are just right for different kinds of tea.

Brewing Tiesta Tea

If you are interested in trying Tiesta Tea out at a discounted price, use the following coupon code at checkout: Moment4Tea.  This coupon code will get you 15% off and FREE Shipping!


1 Mommy Moment reader will WIN a Tiesta Tea prize pack featuring 5 pouches of Tiesta Tea and a Tiesta Tea brewmaster.

To enter, visit and then leave a blog post comment telling us which flavor of tea you would most like to try.

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Sunday 18th of August 2013

Love tea!!! Passion berry sounds fabulous!!!

Tara Knott

Sunday 18th of August 2013

Would try the energizer tea first, I think :) thanx for the chance


Sunday 18th of August 2013

rooibos tea

Tara Gauthier

Sunday 18th of August 2013

I would like to try the Créme au Chocolat.


Sunday 18th of August 2013

I would most like to try Strawberry Exotica!