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There are so many things kids can help with – and helping in the kitchen is no exception. Cooking with your kids is a practical life skill that will carry your children through their teenage and adult years. Even though a recipe may not be at your child’s level and easy enough for them to cook on their own, there is an aspect to every recipe that your child can help with, even when they are very young.

5 things kids can help with in the kitchen

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POURING – your child can pour ingredients needed for the recipe.  Remind your child to pour slowly as to not over fill a container or splash the ingredients on the counter or stove.

STIRRING – if you have a pot of noodles or a stock on the stove, have your child gently stir the contents so that they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan or burn.  If your child cannot reach the stove top, ensure they are standing on a stool or chair that WILL NOT SLIP.

CHOPPING – your kids can help by chopping veggies up into small pieces.  If you are worried about them cutting themselves, give them softer veggies and a smaller knife to start with.

MEASURING – this is a great time to teach your child the different tools and language for measuring wet and dry ingredients.  It’s great practice for them filling the containers to the correct levels.  Remind your child to measure over the sink, NOT your mixing bowl!

PEELING – tell your child to always peel away from themselves to prevent injury.  Peeling fast isn’t important – it’s about hand/eye coordination.


A few weeks ago our kids made a delicious chicken, broccoli and rice casserole following the The Ben’s Beginners™ step-by-step lessons This past week they helped me make a meatballs and rice dish.

meatballs and rice recipe

meatballs and rice

Be sure to check out The Ben’s Beginners™ step-by-step lessons for kids  – a fun way to get some practice in before October 15th, International Cook With Your Kids Day!

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Cook With Your Kids Day encourages families to connect in the kitchen by creating a meal together. When you cook as a family, everyone enjoys the meal even more—and it strengthens your family bond. Celebrate and share your moments by using #LookWhatWeMade.

5 things kids can help with in the kitchen

image via shutterstock


Monday 26th of September 2016

I love watching our son help my husband cook in the kitchen. He's 5 and a half and pretty good at stirring and pouring. No knives yet!

K Yee

Saturday 24th of September 2016

You post has brought back my own memories from years ago. I remember stirring items that required constant stirring for Mom as I was older and more experienced. You had to be good at it in order to prevent burning of one particular pudding recipe.

Lynda Cook

Friday 23rd of September 2016

Great tips, it's great to have kids help out in the kitchen, and they get a better understanding about the food they are going to be eating too!!