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The Morning Routine

The morning routine (n.):  The list of steps (sometimes posted all over the house) that families follow each morning in an attempt to get the kids to school before the classroom door shuts and you have to report to the front office with your head hung low.


We all have one.  Or at least some vague sketch in our minds of how the morning needs to go to get out the door at the appointed minute.


Lay out the outfit the night before.


Pack as much of the lunch as possible at night.


Put the backpack by the door with a sticky note reminding you to grab the lunch.


Wake up and start fixing breakfast before the kids get up. 


(Note to self:  Stop hitting the snooze.)


Have the kids get dressed the minute they get out of bed.


Set timers to provide reminders.


Put the shoes and socks in bins by the front door…


It almost doesn’t matter how specific the routine because something always crops up.


An unexpected spill necessitates a last minute costume change.


Bird watching during breakfast extends the eating process far beyond the allotted time (please go away, blue birds).


A housefly buzzing around the kitchen results in chaos (and not the controlled kind).


Or this…


“I have to poop.”  (You just can’t rush that sort of thing.)


The morning routine is always a work in progress.  Up a little earlier, do a little more the night before, make the coffee first…


By the time we get it down to a science, it should be time for summer vacation.


How do you get the kids out the door on time?


Saturday 8th of September 2012

My two are in KG and PS so I am the one who has to do pretty much everything. Since we are only a short drive from their schools, they get up by 7:30, eat pretty much right away, in pj's. That way I avoid mess on their school clothes. I have to push my son to dress himself since he loves to sing and can't focus on anything else when he is singing. Ha. But we always manage to be ready on time and sometimes the one who is late is daddy, who drops them. Ha.

Galit Breen

Friday 7th of September 2012

This one is HARD!

The only addition I have (for slightly older kids) to the tried and trues, is once I've done "my part," I sit ready and waiting to go, keys in hand, in one spot - not rushing or nagging anymore, making it their job to get out the door. A girlfriend of mine sits outside or in the car and swears by that extra step to increase -ahem- momentum.


Thursday 6th of September 2012

I put little S in a toddler program 2 mornings a week, and whoa is it hard to be out of the door by 8:30! I set my alarm for 6, but snooze until 6:30 (need to work on that.) The goal is get myself ready, and drink my first cup of coffee while I make breakfast and lunches (she doesn't eat at school, but if lunches are made and in the fridge when we get home at noon, it makes the eating and nap routine much easier.) Of course the baby has been waking up at 6:45. Kinda puts a kink in my carefully laid plans. We're working on it though! :)


Thursday 6th of September 2012

I am so trying to get motivated to get back into the school routine ... so much to do!


Thursday 6th of September 2012

We have the timing down to a science, but I still feel like a bit of drill sergeant most days. Adults have to be up and dressed by 645, kids get up at 650. They immediately use the bathroom, get dressed including shoes, then its inhalers and morning meds, tooth brushing, and breakfast. While they are dressing their dad sets out their breakfast. While the kids eat I get the lunches done (drinks and nonperishables made the night before). Then everything gets tossed in the backpacks, sweaters go on kids and everyone is out the door by 730. This is our second year and while my blood pressure may suffer the morning hiccups, so far we are tardy free. My kids are 5 and 6 years old, the routine and uniforms help us!!