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Teaching Kids To Love The Earth They’re In

Love the earth

Our daughter’s had a blast with their April Box from Green Kid Crafts. The theme of the box was Planet Protector which created the perfect opportunity for me to talk with my girls about the importance of caring for the Earth we live in.  7 year old Kate is already passionate about the environment and everything in it, so the theme this month had her smiling from ear to ear and she was happy to help “explain” things to her little sister.

The girls enjoyed painting canvas that they got to hang, they made a paper mache globe and they can’t wait to make seed paper that way also a part of the April kit.

love the earth

3 ideas to teach kids to love the earth they’re in

  • Be a good example – If your children see you turning off the lights when you leave a room, or holding onto the candy wrapper until you find a garbage can is teaching more than you know…kids learn by example.
  • Make crafts using up-cycled materials –You can get a  FREE Activity Guide from @GreenKidCrafts! The guide empowers kids to reduce, reuse and recycle with fun facts, games, kid-friendly challenges and up-cycled craft ideas.
  • Help an elderly person plant flowers  – When children have the opportunity to help an elderly person it is a win/win situation. Planting flowers is a great way to introduce the child to the beauty our earth has to offer.


love the earth

Green Kid Crafts has just started their Digital Subscriptions! These subscriptions deliver convenient, easy-to-download activity packets to inboxes each month and include complete instructions for six craft projects, as well as lesson plans and extension activities. Just like their award winning mail order subscription program, each month’s delivery is designed around a new and exciting theme intended to teach kids about nature as they have fun, flex their creativity and build confidence through innovative, open ended projects. Best of all, Digital Subscriptions start at $5.95 per month!

How do you teach your children about caring for the earth?


green kid crafts


Saturday 19th of April 2014

this is amazing globe


Thursday 2nd of May 2013

this is great~ love the earth craft created


Wednesday 1st of May 2013

Green crafts can flourish. Besides, it's an innovative way of teaching youngsters about the importance of taking care of the environment.

ashleigh W

Tuesday 30th of April 2013

It took my awhile to quit doing my bad habits effect the earth but I made the change and always teach my boy how imporant his impact is on the environment.


Tuesday 30th of April 2013

Green Kids Crafts is such a great gift idea. They have really creative, inspiring projects for kiddos.