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Small Moments of Me Time

Parenting is fun.  Parenting is exciting.  Parenting is full of wonder.  Parenting is the greatest adventure of all…   But parenting is tiring.  It’s busy.  There is always something to do, always someone to see, and always somewhere to be.  The to-do list seems to grow by the minute.  The more items I check off …

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Temporary Emotions

You know that feeling you get when the kids have been bickering for what feels like hours but probably only amounts to 15 minutes?  The racing heartbeat, the clenched fists, and the headache slowly forming? It’s temporary. You know that mama bear instinct that kicks in when you witness a child being unfriendly to yours …

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Three Good Things

Every once in a while, I just have one of those days. It has nothing to do with the kids.  No, this is not a whine fest about what I wish they would or wouldn’t do.  The kids are busy being kids, and for that I will never fault them. I’m talking about those days …

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