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Surprise! For Real??

This morning something surprising happened…

Last night we set up a tent in our basement for our daughters to enjoy their first, most likely of many, sister slumber parties, they are 2.5 & 5.5 yrs old. They talked and giggled for a while and before we knew it, they were fast asleep.

Hubby and I finished watching Knight and Day on Netflix (you can win a subscription to Netflix here) and then we went to bed.

Back to the surprising thing that happened this morning….

Hubby and I awoke to the sound of our girls at our bedroom door. I little knock and then loud laughing and yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY”. We sat up in bed and there was our 5 year old holding a plate with toast smothered in cheese whiz! She said “Daddy, I heard mommy talking on the phone yesterday and telling someone that it was going to be your birthday today so I thought it would be nice to make you breakfast in bed and surprise you“.

I almost cried – It’s a moment I’ll remember forever. Our kindergartener and her little sister making Daddy breakfast in bed for his birthday, an idea they came up completely on their own. I was so surprised! (Of course I did not have my camera in our bedroom and I did not want to run out to get it and spoil the special moment!)

How have your kids surprised you?

Ninja Mommers

Tuesday 21st of June 2011

That is just adorable! How sweet are your KIDS!? Well, at least we know they get it from their wonderfully sweet mommy!! Come follow me on GFC, I have the new website so got a new GFC and lost all my followers – I am now following you.. again

(The first comment had the wrong blog link LOL!)


Tuesday 21st of June 2011

Awwww that is so sweet! LOVE it!

It's OK to be WEIRD!

Sunday 19th of June 2011

Aw, that is SO cute and SO sweet! I Love it!

My kiddos have surprised me/us a lot. I should write more of them down. They are truly priceless precious moments!


Sunday 19th of June 2011

That? Is too sweet!

Elaine Lund

Saturday 18th of June 2011

What a sweet thing to do! Make sure you right it down in their "baby" books. And I love the idea of pitching a tent in the basement-I never would have thought of that!! P.S. Did your hubby eat the toast?