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Summer Vacation is HERE! #MomTrust

Summer Vacation is officially HERE!!  The kids have been out of school for 3 weeks and we have been LOVING the summer weather.  This year, for the first time in many years, we have no big travel plans for summer.  We decided to take it easy and explore our province and stay close to home.

Here are 4 Things We are Doing This Summer


#1)  Swimming lessons.  My kids are enrolled in swimming lessons at our local pool.  They are like fish in the water and my husband and I feel that this is a life skill we want our children to have.  Neither of our parents could swim and instilled in us early, that being prepared in the water is important.  My husband went on to complete his life guarding degree.

summer vacation

#2)  Our kids are also enrolled in our local library summer reading club.  For every 10 minutes they read, they color in a bubble on their reading log and for every 30 minutes they read, they receive a ticket to claim a prize….. or they can wait until they receive multiple tickets and save up for larger prizes.  There are also weekly reading circle clubs and craft classes for them to enjoy.

summer vacation

#3)  Gymnastics Camp.  My son takes gymnastics during the school year and will be moving into the competitive classes next year.  My daughter, however, chooses other activities during  the school year, so the week long camp at my son’s gym is a great way for her to enjoy a little bit of gymnastics as well.  The coaches are fantastic and my kids always come home sweaty.

#4)  Day trips.  This year, my husband will be taking some time off in the way of holiday days, however, we weren’t sure we wanted to take a big trip and spend all that extra money.  So we decided to take some day trips and explore some sights in this great province we live in.  There are many great ranch rodeo events happening this summer, and I know we will be taking in some of those!

summer vacation

What will you be doing this summer?

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Little Miss Kate

Thursday 17th of July 2014

We are doing day trips as well - Canada's Wonderland, African Lion Safari and a Day out with Thomas is coming up next weekend. We decided to take a break from swimming lessons this summer, since DS has been going weekly since last fall.


Monday 14th of July 2014

We don't really do big trips during the summer either. The kids are going to a day camp, tennis lessons one week, and swimming lessons. We'll do one weekend away at my father in law's trailer. We have lots of day trips planned and play dates witb friends.