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Gardening with your children can not only be an educational and rewarding adventure for everyone involved but is also an amazing way to spend quality time together as a family outside.

Spring Gardening can be great for children of all ages and can serve as an amazing way to teach your kids about nature and plants.

spring gardening with kids


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If you have small children, you can start your gardening adventures indoors. This allows you to start small and is a great way to teach them the process of growing seeds.

Starting your gardening indoors is a great way to show your children the daily progress of their plants and eventually, they can be transferred to an outdoor garden.


If you have the right amount of space, allow your children to plant their own garden. Or if you are tight on yard space, try container gardening with your children.  This will give you a chance to educate your children about the different types of plants and their needs.

While your children choose their plants, you will have to advise them of the difference in plants that require sun and ones that require shade. If your child wishes, they can even make their own Fairy Garden.


Growing food with your children is a great idea. Tomatoes, Peas, Raspberries, the possibilities are endless!

On the plus side, kids are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables that they had a hand in planting. If you want to encourage your children to try new vegetables, growing them may be a positive way to do that.

Gardening With Kids


Teamwork makes the dream work and pulling weeds together is a great way to sneak in a little family time while also encouraging a great work ethic.

This also gives you to chance to explain to your little one why weeds need to be pulled out and how leaving them in the garden can take nutrients away from the other plants.

Gardening with your children is an amazing way to spend time together, learning and working toward a common goal. Enjoy your springtime gardening with your little ones, there are so many fun ways to make your garden grow.

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Tuesday 20th of February 2018

A little early here to do gardening as there's a cold snap and the ground is frozen. Good time to research and learn about gardening though!


Tuesday 20th of February 2018

The kids just love gardening, so I love your article. They take so much pride in the work and learn so much.

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Tuesday 20th of February 2018

I love the idea of growing food with your children, though I must admit most of mine were only interested in eating the peas etc from the plants but not actually in doing any work. However three of mine are now keen gardeners, I certainly never expected that. :-)