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Spring means more sun, longer days and the start of warmer weather. Often, this time of year inspires people to start reorganizing, refreshing and cleaning their spaces.

This is also the perfect time to get your children involved in Spring cleaning tasks along with you.

Spring cleaning can become a yearly ritual for your kids that they come to expect and even enjoy.

With a good attitude, motivation and the right supplies on hand, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be boring or done alone. Get your kids involved and make it fun.

Spring cleaning with kids


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Have your children go through their toys. Anything that they do not use, don’t have all the pieces for or have lost interest in has to go.

The toys that are in good condition but rarely played with can be donated or sold once sorted through.


As parents, it is easy to hoard our children’s artwork. Sometimes, we feel as though we need to keep every little thing they have ever created. That is just not true.

Not everything our kids create is a masterpiece that needs framing. Encourage your little ones to review their own creations and choose the ones they like best to store or showcase, the rest go in the recycle or garbage.

It is a good investment to purchase a pocket portfolio to store any of the keepsake art, and frames to hang the art you want to showcase.  Make your own Gallery Wall to display your child’s artwork.


Little ones love to be given responsibilities as this lets them know that you trust them. Gardening and yard work is something that is easy for your children to participate in.

Have them rake leaves, clean up the garbage or even help you plant seeds and prepare your flower beds. This gives children to chance to help and have fun getting messy at the same time.

Spring Cleaning Tasks Your Kids Can Help With


There are many different cleaning tasks that your children can participate in. Choose tasks that are easy and safe to complete.

Dusting, washing baseboards, and cleaning cupboards are all things that your children can do to help around the house this spring.

Remember, you will need to ensure that you have patience as your children may take a little longer than you to complete certain tasks, but that’s ok because they are learning and helping at the same time.

Spring cleaning with your kids is a great way to teach your kids responsibility, accountability and an amazing way to spend time together as a family.

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Thursday 22nd of February 2018

I remember when all five of us had to chose who would have to clean the dog poop that had accumulated in the backyard over the winter. This was always part of our spring cleaning that we all dreaded.

Erin N

Thursday 15th of February 2018

I love having my little helper to help me around the house :) Great tips - thank you for this post!