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Sleigh bells ring … and so does Ooma

Ring ring…hello.  Who’s there? Savings. Savings who? Savings for me!

Saving money is great any time of year, but with Christmas shopping almost complete I’m happy to find ways to save even more money!

This week we had the privilege of reviewing the Ooma home phone system.  This relativity new home phone system in Canada is a cool way to save on your long distance.  This simple to use and simple to set up system works off your internet and is clear, cheap, and and allows you to have your phone literally anywhere you have internet (wired or wireless).

Ooma Telo : Mommy Moment

The Ooma Telo, a revolutionary device that delivers crystal-clear home phone service for free anywhere in Canada.  Users simply purchase the Ooma Telo unit ($229.99 MSRP available at London Drugs and on and connect it to their Internet and existing home phone.  Based on an average Canadian phone bill of $40 per month, the Ooma Telo pays for itself in just six months.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving since customers will save more than $200 on their phone bill in the first year, more than $600 in two years and nearly $2,000 in five years.

We received receiver box and a wireless USB receiver that plugs into the receiver box (this is if you have wireless internet).  We followed the simple setup and plugged in the phone to the receiver box. We selected a phone number linked to our area code.

Once we had this set up we were able to make free calls (long distance or not) on our phone through the internet.

Other than the obvious of huge cost savings, there are several other reasons why this product is good to have.

“Ooma also provides the option of subscribing to a full range of Ooma Premier features ($9.99/mo) such as instant second line, call forwarding, three-way conferencing, call screening, blacklisting and 911 emergency notifications. Ooma customers also have access to the Ooma International Bundle, so they can purchase 500 – 1,000 minutes of calls ($4.99-$9.99/month) that can save a bundle by providing low-cost calls between 61 countries for just pennies per minute. Ooma savings can also be extended for outgoing mobile calls that can reduce airtime costs both domestically and internationally via the Ooma Mobile App for Android or Apple devices.”

While using the VoIP service I noticed a slight delay in conversation.  This effect was similar to that of a conversation over a cell phone, however this minor inconvenience does not happen on a regular basis and would not sway me from using this service regularly.

The benefits of this VoIP service are huge and once you have this installed in your house you can ditch your present home phone provider.  You will even have the option of importing your present home phone number into the service, so you do not have to call everyone to tell them about your new number.  The choice of clear reception, cost savings and added calling features make this a great treat to anyone’s home.