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Roses are red, violets are blue, Ooma has a Valentine’s Day treat for YOU!

…in the form of an Ooma Telo, that is! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Canadians can get cozy, connect with Ooma and kiss their (now ex) phone service provider goodbye!

Just before Christmas I had the chance to review the Ooma and have been saving money on my long distance bills.

Ooma Telo

 Communication is the key to successful relationships, especially the long-distance kind. Luckily, Ooma allows long-distance lovers across Canada to maintain the heat while saving dollars.

Introduced to Canada last fall, the Ooma Telo is a sexy and sleek VoIP device that delivers crystal-clear home phone service anywhere in Canada. Lovers simply purchase the Ooma Telo unit ($229.99 MSRP available at and connect it to their Internet and existing home phone.  But best of all, they won’t have to worry about expensive monthly phone bills anymore, and can concentrate on keeping the passion alive instead.

Based on an average Canadian phone bill of $40/month, the Ooma Telo pays for itself in just six months and customers will save more than $200 in the first year, more than $600 in just two years and nearly $2,000 in five years. After the initial purchase, customers are only required to pay applicable taxes and fees. Now that’s HOT!

Ooma has also made it convenient for users to spice up their love all over the house with the new Ooma Telo Air wireless adapter ($49.99 MSRP).  Place the Ooma Telo anywhere within range of Wi-Fi adapter and calls can be made from any room!